Why are there no T3 frigates

Why is there none?

Because CCP have never designed any.

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Now they have something they can add to the next update or at least get it set up

Firstly why?

Secondly, if you think their development cycle is that quick, wait a few years and you’ll realise they have other priorities of their own for the game’s development.

Yeah okay allow me to make some models lets see if i can make a model

but why? a model for looks doesnt do much…

What role(S) would a T3 frigate serve?
Why do they need to exist?
What current ships would they oppress, replace etc?


why do the tech 3 destoyers and tech 3 cruisers exisit?

also why are trying to ask/make proposals in GD…use the player features discussion category.

Maybe cause Jovian tech was T5 and T6 gear and T3c’s wre made for Jspace when it was introduced primarily…T3d’s took approx 10 yrs to be introduced.

watch some old scope videos and they could be used to counter the tech 3 destoyers and cursiers in faction warfare

is that a question? a statement? or an order/suggestion?

for any of them…I dont have to, i was there

let me work on getting lore set up for why the would exsit and then how they would all counter each other

Destroyers are usually the ones countering frigates though.

Don’t worry about the Lore. That can come later.

Why are they needed from a gameplay perspective?

Frigates are already the most diverse and versatile class of ships in the game. What additional versatility would be brought to play by adding a T3 variation?


“Just because I think it would be cool” is usually the justification given by anyone that suggests adding more ships…

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for the player who go for high spead fits

Then fly an interceptor or a Dramiel.

T1 = general
T2 = specialised
T3 = versatile

If what someone wants is one characteristic such as speed, then T2 is what they need. Not T3

No. We need small citadels before CCP introduces any more ships to their already bloated universe.


I honestly just want CCP to make the Primae a proper PI ship.


me who owns one :sunglasses:

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