T3F Please

T3 Frigates! I know it will take a LOT of balancing, but I would love to see them.

Yes, because T3D went over so well… Let’s just bury AF and be done wth it…


I propose a name for the new frig class


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T3 cruisers

“hurray these look cool”


“please no T3c turned out to be enough of a mess”


“no one learns their damned lessons”

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If there was going to be any T3x it would probably be T3 Battlecruisers. T3 Battleships would most likely be overpowered, and T3BC would probably bridge the gap between T3C and battleships (although T3C are more powerful than battlecruisers already).

Honestly, there’s such a mess between Pirate frigates, Assault Frigates and T3D I can’t see how the introduction of T3F would do anything but turn it into even more of a clusterf***.

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T2 Titans - The hell you smoking and where can I get some of that?


How about T3 supers?
Yes, just yes.

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We need to go deeper.

Side note: if we ship this tool to CCP would it fix the servers to run full real time 3d dive? I’m betting yes.

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