Tier III ships?

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After lying the Minmatar Vargur around, the idea has struck me, why can’t we have a Tier III battleship? As it stands the Vargur and even the Widow are Tier II ships where as the navy issue are Tier I ships that you need Battleships II trained to fly.

Perhaps add something for those who have Marauders II or III trained so that there could be a nicer benefit for training them than the overall status.

Because T3’s were a bad idea, are still a bad idea, and are terrible power creep.


Because there are more ship classes left until we get to battleships other good contenders are frigates battlecruisers and industry ships like barges

I’d have to agree that Tech 3 battleships are a very long ways off. Besides, Tier 3 battleships such as the Hyperion still have no variants. I for one would love to see what a pirate or T2 version of one of those would be capable of. :sunglasses:

Mmh, I’m interested in hearing what could be good additions to ships like Frigates, Battlecruisers and Barges. Want to clarify that a bit ? :slight_smile:

More ships for more ships sake always ends up screwing the balance.

If you can think of a role first, then a ship that can fill it. But don’t just shoe horn ships in because of a ‘gap’ in the line up.


I was not just limiting this to Battle ships. I was also speaking albeit a wee bit too cryptic which is my fault and my fault alone. I was speaking about ALL ships ranging from the Frigates all the way up to Titan for all factions and such.

And yes, Balance is very important. And yes, it would be great to see variations for ships that don’t have one such as the Rokh and the Maelstrom and the many others that I’m not even mentioning. And yes, I am a battleship guy which is why I been spending a lot of time with getting my battleship skills up. Not all the way there yet, but it’s a constant W.I.P. for me.

But yes for the input that you guys and gals and what ever you are is giving, that is good for this conversation. My biggest and only regret is not properly expounding on everything and having it thought out a lot more. Thus I caused massive confusion and for that, you have my deepest apologies.

We already have roughly 300 ships in the game and proper balance would mean that each of these ships has a role - a reason to chose it instead of some other ship. New tech 3 ships that render existing ships obsolete is bad design. I’d rather see CCP focus on balancing the existing fleet.

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The reason T3 works with cruisers is that cruisers have a lot of different roles to fulfil, even the T1 versions. So a mix and match ship is somewhat logical (at least on paper).
Battleships are mostly just big guns with a lot of EHP. This includes T1, pirate and about half of the T2 versions. You may find some e-war bonus here and there, mostly on pirate ships, but that’s all. The black-ops is the only distinct role for the battleships currently.

Marauders V could unlock Bastion Module II maybe? That would be infinitely easier to balance than a new ship class.


They also work because advanced cruisers hulls are much more affordable than advanced battleship hulls. For roles outside of hisec, it’s generally more efficient to fly a capital ship than a T2 battleship unless you’re bridging CovOps forces. A T3 battleship would almost certainly cost more than a dread, insure for far less, and couldn’t bring sufficient utility to the table to justify that cost without horribly breaking ship balance.

Once there’s a new role, a new niche to fill, preferably one that warrants hulls costing a billion (uninsurable) ISK or more, then we can start talking about T3 (or additional T2) battleships.

The T3s we already have are a problem, they had to be excluded from Faction Warfare sites.

We just don’t need any more ships.

Yea but, if you can put a hard counter to it, to bring a balance…?

To add, maybe the tier three battleships don’t actually have to be of said four empire factions in Eve. They could be of said Drifter, or Triglavian origns.

Or replace the tier 3 battleship, if its genuinely a bad idea, and replace it with something else modular, perhaps still battle cruiser or battleship hull size, but of Drifter or Triglavian origin.

If it ends up being balanced the same as existing ships, which is must, then there is no point in having the ship.

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Then make is slightly, off balance if thats the case? Being as creators, you can do whatever you want. I just want to support the ideas where we are creating new aveneus and things for people to explore.

… each race already has a tier 3 battle ship rook hyp abba and whatever the minmatar decided to call the slightly shinier pile of rust they used the red duct tape on.

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Unbalanced T3s are a bad idea. But unbalanced ships let pvp kids feel good. If they feel good mom keeps paying for their subscription. (then again, shiny T3s are a great source of income for me, so whatever)

T3 ships for battlecruisers, battleships and capitals would go a long way to helping shake the game up. Probably for the worse unless CCP actually pays attention and adjusts them faster than every 2 years.

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