Devs should consider launching T3 destroyers and T3 cruisers for pirate factions

My personal fantasy has long been that I can one day fly a Sansha T3 tactical destroyer, but that aside:

  1. It meets current CCP’s game development philosophy which is to focus on spaceships and nerds who love spaceships;

  2. Pirate factions T3Ds and T3Cs can increase ship variety in the game, with minimum risk in badly impacting the balance of meta and existing game mechanics;

  3. Devs have ample experience from the launch and re-balance of empire T3Ds and T3Cs, allowing them to re-use of the experience in balancing ships and focusing on the art/sci-fi aspects which makes ships fantastic;

  4. Pirate factions have distinct weapon and other systems and combinations, giving players new experience;

  5. As mentioned above, launching very new and untested types of ship carry the game balance risk, and the likely need to re-balance them in the near future. This is expensive from a business standpoint. However, T3Ds and T3Cs’ balance has been well-researched and documented in the dev department, so it’s a natural progression for CCP to delight the subscribers without too much efforts at this point.

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Also in my experience…pirate ships are t1…show me a t2 pirate ship first and ill consider your idea…otherwise no its not needed

  1. Given how ship module tiericide was started in 2014 and has yet to finished, that massive meta-defining game imbalances persist for years at a time, that it took two years of CSM prodding to get CCP to decide to create a team dedicated to looking at balance issues (a team which has since been put on life support), I’m not sure where you’re getting that their focus in on the ships.

  2. You are REALLY gonna have to back up the claim that there would be “minimum risk in badly impacting the balance of meta and existing game mechanics”. The introduction of T3Cs and T3Ds basically invalidated Assault Frigates, HACs and Battlecruisers for a long time.

  3. See above missteps in game balance and CCP’s glacial responses to unhealthy ship meta. Lokis dominate the T3C scene now and Protei are all but forgotten outside of cloaky hunting.

  4. These proposed T3Cs wouldn’t differ from the “distinct weapons and other systems” being used by the other faction ships in their line. Otherwise they’d be out of place.

  5. You’re gonna have to again provide evidence that CCP has learned the right lessons in their balancing decisions. You can’t just say “they’ve done it before (with mixed success), should be easy this time”.

The absolute last thing this game needs right now is new ships to factor into the balancing decisions being made in the game. Let’s wait until they can get the current ships in something resembling a healthy state before we encourage them to throw more spanners into the works.

I’m just thinking, as an example, of the recent proposed changes to the Assault Frigates. In addition to the gimmicky Assault Damage Control, CCP decided to change the tracking bonus of the Retribution (a ship that has widely acknowledged capacitor issues) to a rate-of-fire bonus. When I asked about the logic behind changing this bonus from a helpful damage application bonus to a bonus that would increase the capacitor pressure on this ship, CCP devs responded with “so it’ll have the most effective turrets of the Assault Frigates”. They exacerbated one of the Retribution’s main weaknesses seemingly just to make it unique (in a way that may ultimately prove to be less effective given the removal of its tracking bonus) among the other AFs.


No, thanks. There are already enough ships and ship classes in game that either serve no real purpose or whose purpose is better served by another ship/class.

Just say no to adding new ships just for the sake of adding them.


Come on. CCP is going to launch new ships in Eve anyway. You want a great fantasy and experience, and I want that too, but CCP currently is not interested in giving us that. I too want to see one day we can interact with NPCs and players in stations, having great parties, and take them for a tour of my ship, but as of this time it is not going to happen.

Instead of allowing CCP to try really bad ideas that further degrade the game balance, why don’t we recommend ideas that don’t degrade the existing balance (or non-balance) as badly?

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We did, many, many times.


So is adding any ship.

Why is pirate T3 less likely to mess up balance? If anything, the risk is probably higher due to regular pirate bonus being applied to really versatile T3 hulls.

Can be done with any ships really so no really need for it to be T3 or pirate.

Every pirate faction has hulls in each class but not all of them available for players. So really not sure why you ask8ng about not existent T3 versions of them? Its just bring more mess up into the current balance scale we have. That’s why they didn’t add pirate dessy and bcruisers cause those gonna hurt a lot.

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oh so many times.

US: Hey ccp heres how you fix RW.

CCP: noooo noooo we cant give something to make new players a lot of isk because they wont know what to do with it, we are stopping the rw work and handing it over to the event team to be used in future events.


+1 to the OP for thinking outside of the box.

Don’t give up, CCP finally added the ‘Bowhead’ to the game years later after a player had suggested adding a Transport ship called ‘The Tug’, …


Thank you. I just feel this is the least hazardous idea under CCP’s currently philosophy of making Eve entirely about spaceships and periodically launching new ships.

CCP might have plans to launch very new and unusual ship classes that can disrupt the balance far more than when they launched Mordu’s Legion and T3Cs. Since they do have that itch, we may as well request that they launch pirate T3 ships where the balance is currently more or less in line with what we can take.

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AT ships. Which are specifically rare, powerful, and will never be released as inventable/manufacturable.

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Better yet, give me a third option for each race in the T1, T2 Destroyer line, a recon/exploration destroyer would be AWESOME.

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Nah, think about it. What class of ships is currently lacking most in variety (aside from shuttles, Titans and corvettes).

That’s right…pirate industrials and freighters.


Gallante might disagree. :innocent:

But I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more industrials (of whatever race/faction) dedicated to a hauling particular class of item.

–Gadget still wants to see a dedicated Fuel Hauler

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I’m just thinking that the game could do with more variety of non-combat roles in our faction ship lines. Like if CCP were ever to introduce another line of faction ships, I’d like to see a focus on something other than combat or exploration (and sort-of logistics with the Nestor).

They have just added CONCORD ships recently, and pirate caps. Done ask them for too much. Meanwhile they don’t want to spend much if the time on AT ships making those unique, just grab the existing hull and paint it for coolish look. And btw we have Hecate convert into AT ship so we might consider that as a T3 pirate destroyer.

I mean, by now, do we really know?

Subject of your title should read
"Players who want pirate T3s should go swimming with 20 pound weights attached to their ankles".

T3s, be they destroyer or cruiser, were easily one of the most stupid things CCP ever added to the game.


Sorry, I gotta disagree with you on that. Explorers asked for an ‘all in one’ ship and the T3 Cruisers fill that role very nicely.

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