T3D nerf proposal

So simple idea here that i think would be a reasonable way to knock T3D supremacy down a notch: have mode changes (ex. defensive to sniper mode) eat up a fair bit of capacitor (80-100ish ballpark) and change the mode 5 seconds after you press to switch modes (after the graphic for the ship itself has changed from the mode swap). This allows you to retain all the raw benefits of the bonuses and the ship itself, but limits its ability to immediately adapt to new situations.


This doesn’t look too intrusive. Worth looking at. Especially the delay in changing modes getting you to think ahead.

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They’re never going to get ship balance right on these things, so secondary features like this seems to be the best way to go.

How about just extending the mode change cooldown to 20 or even 30 seconds? Would make the T3Ds a little less OP in pretty simple way.


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Rename them to “avoid any kind of dangerous situation” destroyers and you are good to go.

Why not just remove them, completely. it would be a shamefull and hard decision for CCP but for real why do we need them? E.g. tomorrow you won’t find those on TQ what’s gonna happen? Absolutely nothing in terms of applications you need a ship for. We have plenty of hulls with different roles which some of them required minor changes.

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The playerbase cried when it looked like the itty 2 and 4 were going to be removed, and they had no part, no role, to fill after the industrial rebalance. So we got the messed up specialised holds instead. Imagine the reaction of deleting something frequently used and powerful.

Jackdaw fleets are flown daily in null. Just deleting them would be a pretty big upset. Especially for those who have deployed thousands of them to an area. Imagine having to replace a key part of your doctrine just before a citadel fight. And what are you going to replace jackdaws with? Corax’? lol.

The other D3’s are very popular in solo/small gang.

Their role cannot be replaced, not by something equal because there are no equals.

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I know the paycheck is kind of significant but still not a dramma at all, as I said there are plenty of elder hulls required attention and fixing rebalance which brought them previous fame. Your example with industrials self explains that nothing happened after they removed some of them like nothing stops or stop working day after.

Just REW back and try to remember what was used before Jackdaws? And its not Corax :sunglasses:

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t3 are fail at design, they can never be balanced

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It was talwar online before that.


what t3d does everyone think could use a strong balance pass? Personally i’m in favor of poking the Hecate a bit, maybe giving it more flexibilty to offset its low speed/engagement range; i was thinking about dropping a gun and bringing its RoF up to 5% per level, but giving it a 20/30 drone bay. The 2 utility highs seem to do quite well for the Confessor and Svipul, and the addition of a drone bay along with the extra utility high i think would give it an extremely good boost to pve viability, and more competition with other t3ds

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