Drone bay for T3D?

I just would like everyone thoughts on a 25 bandwidth and drone bay for T3D?
So only 5 Light drones all up.

Good idea or bad?

Like I said it’s just an idea.

Why do they need additional power?
Please give some reasoning behind this request


I don’t know maybe to have the drones to shoot kitters or to neut a target out or to ECM them or even web them down. It doesn’t need to be DPS drones.

Just some option than just guns.

So again. Why do T3D need the additional power. Not ‘What could they do with it’. But why do you feel they are not good enough already.

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It’s just kinda nice to have option to fall back on in a fight, like the trig ships have smart bombs, remote reps and neut cap reduction to help with there option with a drone bay. Some T3C have drone bays to help with there work ability. You have ADC for HAC to help them with there staying power.
I just thought it will be nice to see a drone bay on them to make them a all rounded ship.

But like I said, it an idea.

So feel free to shoot me down, I’m used to it.

I don’t think this is needed.

If you are solo, something that can kite a T3D, generally won’t kill it (there are always exceptions) and if you come up against a gank with a tackle that is kiting you so you can’t escape, then that’s a bit of bad luck. Having friends is a good counter to others with friends.

If short range weapons are fit, projection can be an issue, but I don’t personally think drones are needed on T3D. They are still strong post nerfs and aren’t in need of a buff to projection.

T3Ds have well defined roles and excel at their roles as currently implemented. They are neither underpowered nor overpowered. Adding drones is feature creep, superfluous, unnecessary, etc and is liable to break the delicate balance that exists between ships. There are already other T1/T2 destroyers that serve well as droneboats. And, of course, there are droneboats among frigates and cruisers as well if you require a balance of speed and firepower.


Yes, but not on a ship that is already ridiculously overpowered. Instawarp in a destroyer? 70 km range? Frig speed? 100 km range? These ships absolutely do not need more power over other ships.

Ccp you know the broken mess that you call t3ds? Mind giving them even more power? Kthx

Possibly because outside of the jackdaw, an assault frig outshines them in every respect?

Now I don’t actually agree with adding drones across the board, if anything we need to take drones away as they are everywhere, but if you take drones away from 1/2 the ships, the amount of rage posting will be legendary for about 2 days.

Care to explain how exactly?

Lol what?

As for op: No. D3’s are pretty damn strong in small gangs. Can’t imagine why you think they’d need an extra 100dps.

The tengu doesn’t even have a bay for drones and that’s a larger ship class that’s t3 as well. Some ships don’t have drone bays because they make very good use of their weapon systems. Further more t3d are better then AFs in many cases.


Right now, every assault frigate does more damage and has more tank/speed and even a smaller signature.
It’s easier to skill into an assault frigate, there’s two assault frigates for each race which opens the window for even more crazy fitting options, and hell it’s cheap.
To give you an idea, a tackle only assault frigate can not only exceed 25k ehp, but it can also fit a crusier size shield repper and repair it’s already excessive ehp while under threat.
A combat focused assault frigate can have similar EHP, produce 250 dps easily if not more, and still have room for local reps (if only frigate sized)

Any attempt to focus down an assault frig just makes it run, and while they are easy enough to kill, the abusrd amount of firepower and effort required is the reason why assault frigates are everywhere, and you don’t see much T3ds outside of jackdaws and the odd confessor which really shine with defender missiles, otherwise they are overpriced and underpowered by comparison.

Is the confusion here you don’t understand the ship metagame, or that you didn’t understand I was referencing the massive range advantage the jackdaw has over other ships it’s size? (outside of maybe a really really glass cannon cormorant or hecate)

Please present fits along with comparable t3ds that you think don’t beat dps

Just check fits on the killboard

So… Don’t have actual fits to prove anything then. Gotcha.


I’m not going to spoonfeed you, so if you’re interested import the fits yourself. If not, then just accept the notion and move on. Or don’t. You can’t downvote me here

https://zkillboard.com/kill/77291472/ one retribution, mostly baseline fit
https://zkillboard.com/kill/77291527/ another variation, without local rep

https://zkillboard.com/kill/77290197/ confessor, similar fit to the other two ships

That confessor fit has more dps than the retributions even without sharpshooting mode…

The tank you’re talking about with an assault frig is only whilst the assault damage control is activated. It’s not forever. When not activated the confessor has similar active tank to the retribution but with much better cap, again out of tank mode.

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And yet, because everyone focus’ on the same target to bring it down, tank mode is all that matters on the assault frigate.
You either survive long enough to warp off, or you survive long enough to get remote assistance.
Of course I don’t really think drones should actually be on all ships, in fact only 1/4th the ships with drone bays right now deserve them. It’s just CCP giving pvpers what they want so ships are flown.