Bay and Bandwidth Drone rig, or module

It would give an option to fit drones to ships that hasn’t by default.
Maybe it could get some restriction on what kind of ships it could be fitted to,
like if the ship already has drone cap, the rig could not add up to the maximum the rig
itself allows. A Drone ship would get no benefits from them.

Example would be 2 light scout drones for T2 rigs, or 1 drone for T1 rig, so fitting two T2 and one T1
would give five scouts.

Would make ships OP and would diminish the relative value of droneboats since they can’t use them . Even if they could, droneboats that already use the maximum of 125mbits won’t benefit from them at all - excluding use of Gecko.

Hard no.

Well what kind of horror would make just two little scouts???
I don’t think it would make any ship OP… maybe just limit to two maximum scouts…
it’s still a rig tradeoff… and it would make a ton of difference in PVE…

Maybe it could add up to Drone boats also… just saying…

That’s the problem! Other things would need to be adjusted to maintain the risk/reward balance. A lot of work to end up in the same place. If a ship needs help - i.e. nobody is using it, drones are one option for making it more useful but a rig that can be applied to any ship would be very difficult to balance.

yep. Kinda nailed it. I knew it.

What could possibly go wrong by giving the Worm 3 (or 4!) drones?

“Here is a rig with numerous restrictions on which ships can-or-cannot use them, and how many of this rig can be applied. Also, this rig alters the capabilities of your ship. and let’s it do something it couldn’t do before”

:point_up_2: no rig is currently like this, and this is not a precedent we want to set.

frankly as far as rigs for drone bay/bandwidth go I’d just go with drone bay optimizer -% based bonus to capacity of the drone bay similar to how cargohold optimizer work.

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Giving 5 light drones to a frigate, even to an unbonused one, would vastly throw off balance dynamics.

Also…a Worm with 5 drones would basically be God mode, so…no.

There could be a drawback for certain ships, like the Gila or Worm of only bay and not bandwidht, due to maximum bandwidth already reached. Only small neglected ships would actually get an extra drone capability, for others, as Cemonator pointed, could work similar to cargo hold extender only.

Worm would get just a small bay area extension, that’s it.

Or just 5 band per rig, but high fitting cost so no more than two could be fitted, then they are not cumulative, but juxtaposed starting from zero?

The only way this is balanced would be if it only affected bay size. Bandwidth is an important balancing factor for every ship, as important as the number of slots that ship has. You can’t just go bolting drone badwidth on to existing ships without that rig basically being required meta for the VAST majority of fits. Even one more light utility , ecm, or combat drone on a fit is a massive increase in its total functionality at whatever job it does.

Drone bay size, that’s a reasonable fitting tradeoff as it doesn’t really increase the ship’s power, and you’d be trading part of your fit for a bit more versatility or long roam staying power. That seems fair.

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Absolutely NO to drone bandwidth rigs, it is going to destroy the balance of a LOT of ships that have less than 125 bandwidth, especially guristas ships that rely on high drone damage/low drone number.

Drone bay rigs or modules could be a thing, maybe have them work like cargo expanders (i.e. bigger bay for less HP, and obviously it should be in multiples of 5).

Why you necro this thread bro


Use an in-space fitting service (mobile depot or mothership/Nestor) if you want to load up on drones even from your own cargobay) in the middle of battle.

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