Why is there no Rig for this

So I was just thinking about this but why is there no rig to expand your drone bay? Not adding bandwidth because then you could have haulers fighting back. but it could just take away from you’re cargo hold and put that toward your drone bay. it would just be a nice quality of life and would also mean you don’t have to worry about not having enough drone bay but it still has a down side

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No. …

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It’s not a QoL issue, it’s a balance issue. More drone bay makes drone ships harder to defang.


true but thats what pvp players want a good fight and it helps the care bears

How does a rig in game help a carebear to lobby on the forums for changes?


means it’s a tiny bit harder to kill them and then ccp can say hey we have helped you enough and then trow them in the garbage bin

a carebear = karen, if they play they are playing AFK 9/10 times…so again how does a rig like this help them to biatch on forums or other media?

of they get shot there drones will auto attack that thing making it harder for them to die and then they can make it a rule if they do that type of post they will get blocked almost in a secconed

ok let me try a 3rd time…

The answer is it doesnt…

So try explaining what WH/LS/NS/ HS PVP situation you were in and why you want this so you can have more drones to fight with?

for example say I have a vexor and i want to trow out some heavy drones as i’m not doing enough dps so i throw out some heavy drones affter that and can do more dps then

ah, so now we are talking about a balance issue…

NO carebear, get gud

yeah okay now i see why this does not exsit

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