CCP - I want rig, which expands drone bay

(Ikudza Saraki) #1

Do you think is is achievable?

(Wander Prian) #2

The size of the dronebay is a ship balancing attribute, just like the amount of slots, amount of hardpoints, rig calibration, etc. You cannot change them because they would increase the power of the ships way too much and make balancing them a real nightmare (and its already difficult)

(Do Little) #3

Expanding the size of the dronebay doesn’t increase the drone bandwidth and shouldn’t create a balance issue. As a drone rig, the drawback will be -10% CPU capacity, which is a high price to pay for the ability to carry a few more drones. There will usually be better uses for the rig slot and calibration.

(Fluffy Moe) #4

Thats actually a really nice one. Expanded drone bay is not bandwidth, as stated above, just means you can carry spare drones with you, like more ammo.

(Wander Prian) #5

Even the dronebay size is part of the balance, due to you being able to destroy drones.

(Major Errogance) #6

Why, just put a mobile depot ( in your ship cargo along with additional drones. You do know you can expand your cargo…right, off course, but you need those low slots right for some really dank ■■■■, right? Why not, it gives room for another re-balancing run and we have too many devs sitting around doing nothing.

(Fluffy Moe) #7

Cause its a PITA. Rig is smoother, simpler, more direct to use.

(Agondray) #8

i also say using a rig means that someone wanting a bigger drone bay would have to go without other options like tank and other upgrades from rigs.

(Major Errogance) #9

How about 5m³ for small, 10m³ for medium and 15m³ for “slot 4 Drone Expansion”.? Or something totally op keeping your passive DPS fixed no matter how many drones are taken down?

(Cypherous) #10

Tell that to the old school Eos that could literally field any combination of drones it could ever need to deal with any possible sized thread, i used that bad boy for level 4 missions at one point because of its obscene dronebay at the time

(Fluffy Moe) #11

That aspect of the game is not gone. For example you can fly a Gila, you pop out only 2 med size drones at a time but you can have 5 flights of them, meaning you can have all 4 damage types, tracking, shooting range + a flight of 4 salvage drones for example.

A rig like this would allow you to carry 1 extra drone, not launch it. I think if we did have a rig like this it should only expand existing drone bays, and not on all ships, as some ships have intentionally very low drone bays just to give them minimal utility. But it would be a nice QOL thing.

(Cypherous) #12

It wasn’t about damage types, the eos used to be able to hold a full flight of pretty much every drone size, meaning it could have smalls, meds, and a type of heavy drones all in its bay at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

(MinerArt) #13

Every single drone related rig currently has a negative to cpu attached to it. This negative is flat across the board for all small, medium, and large rigs.

Thus a single small drone bay rig would only fit 5 m3 worth of drones, mid would be 10 m3, and large would be 25 m3 but absolutely no bandwith can be changed via this rig? Sounds fair.

(elitatwo) #14

They will almost care what you want…

(C11H17NO3) #15

Do like idea, Also want 350 calibration and 400 calibration rigs that add slots,

if you wanna say its too op than 400 calibration for, small 1 slot whatever spot, 400 calibration, medium 2 any slot level, Large 400 calibration for 3 any slot level, etc. (But xl version would still only be 3.)

cause there are some high, medium and low items that have no direct rig translation.

(Remiel Pollard) #16

The important thing to remember about drones is that, while they can be considered ‘passive dps’ weapons, unlike all other weapons, they can be destroyed. The number you can carry is as much a balancing factor as the number you can deploy. Because they are just fire-and-forget weapons systems, increasing drone bay size is just not done.

For the record, there’s nothing stopping you from carrying additional drones in your cargo, and when you’ve lost drones in your drone bay, get to a quiet spot, jettison the ones in cargo and scoop them to the drone bay.

(Awesome Possum) #17

picture me here, at my desk, naked and drinking crystal light. now picture me frowning at your post, shaking my head. i then post the ‘that’s not how this works’ jpeg, sigh and go back to watching Audrey Bitoni videos on xhamster.

(DeMichael Crimson) #18

Yeah, would be nice to have a rig that expands drone bay size, also be nice to have a rig that adds a Drone Bay to ships that don’t have one.

(Remiel Pollard) #19

Snark is for children with nothing worthwhile to say. If I’m wrong about something, there’s no reason you can’t offer a correction like a mature adult.

So, great master of everything drones, why don’t you tell me ‘how this works’ exactly.

(Uriel the Flame) #20

As far as I know when you jettison drones they are put in a jetcan, the only things that can be jettisoned as is are celestial objects like corpses, containers, mobile structures and such, the rest are put in a jetcan.

Thus you can not scoop them up into drone bay as they are in a jetcan and as such can only be “looted” into the cargo bay instead.

Left behind drones are the only ones you can scoop to drone bay.