Rorqual's drone bay

The Rorqual has a f**king MASSIVE drone bay, even with 5 excavator drones filling 5000 m3, there’s still something like 3800 m3 of empty drone bay.

What do people flying Rorquals fill them up with? Usually ships with drone bays need to pick and choose what drones to use, but it seems like I can stuff in all drones from all races thrice over with room to spare.

Not a balancing or game feature suggestion, just a question.

Excavator Drones

They used to be smaller, but rorq pilots would put them in a mobile depot when tackled, so that even if they lost the rorq, they wouldn’t lose their expensive excavator drones. So one of the things CCP did when rebalancing the ship was to make the drones even bigger.

You fill it up with ECM drones, and rapidly launch, abandon, then launch more repeatedly. Over and over again until you flood your opponent’s overview with nothing but ECM drones.

I use it to scoop up all the free drones in space after the defense fleet comes to save me.

when your attackers get frustrated because they can’t break your tank, they go after your drones instead… which is where having 300 mixed t2 drones and a DDA fitted means you’ve got 900dps and you can spit drones out all day.

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