Rorqs and Wetu's

Hey everyone,

Just a real quick question or 2 about Rorqs and Wetus. I’ve been away from EvE for a couple days, (School and Holidays) so I haven’t been able to test it on SiSi yet and a few of my corp mates were having a discussion about Rorqs. Now the question is, if the Wetu Mobile Depot gets reinforced, are you able to store the drones in the mobile depot straight from the drone bay or do you have to launch the Excavator’s, abandon them, scoop them up into your cargo hold then put them in the Mobile Depot or once Reinforced you can’t put them in at all?

The 2nd Question is, if the Wetu is reinforced, are you able to refit the Rorq with no problem if the Wetu is reinforced or once the the Wetu is reinforced you can’t refit at all anymore?

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Yeah 2nd part of what you said is right in regards to a reinforced depot.
You have to Launch them > Scoop to Cargo Hold and can then Put them into the Depot.

You can not refit off the Mobile Depot once it is Reinforced.

Alright perfect! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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