'Wetu' Mobile depot destruction

I’ve been looking on zkill and seeing that a lot of ‘wetu’ mobile depots are being killed at the same time as the Rorqual that owned it, with drones inside. The mechanic of the mobile depot is supposed to reinforce after its shield is depleted. How is it that they are getting killed instead of being reinforced? This goes all the way back to June of 2017. I have submitted a ticket to get my drones replaced, after this happened to me, it has been 14 days since i submitted the ticket, and no response yet. And before people just start saying crap, yes i have already replaced the ship, i wouldnt fly it if i couldnt replace it. Its just irritating.

When my rorqual was killed there were 100 bombers there, so i don’t know if the alpha of the bombers just went straight into structure with the mobile depot or what. Is this an exploit with the mobile depot that people have figured out, or what is going on CCP?

There is a period of time between beginning to anchor, and when the depot is fully anchored. Perhaps it is destroyed in this window of opportunity?

Having a ‘Wetu’ Mobile Depot in your cargo hold and putting it down before you start mining at each rock and picking it up before you move is particularly smart as it has enough space for you to put all of your excavator drones inside of it if you get attacked. You cannot put it down safely after you have been attacked because the mobile depot is vulnerable before it anchors – if it is shot then it can be killed, but after it anchors it will enter a reinforce timer and you can save the drones inside of it.

it had been down for more than an hour before i got attacked

had it been attacked before without you repairing it ?

IIRC, it is entirely possible to volley depots to death. It just involves that much damage being done to it within that 1-2 seconds before it’s able to reinforce.

That sounds like an exploit to me, you should not be able to bypass a reinforcement timer.

You…arent? You’re inflicting enough damage so that there isnt time for it to reinforce. If a depot has 10k shield, armor, and hull, and reinforces when shield runs out, it can only reinforce if it’s only the shield that gets stripped off. That’s why when it does reinforce, it’s often a second or two after the ‘final’ hit. Now, what happens when you hit the depot for 30k+ damage in a single volley? From a dread or titan or something? The game isnt going to say “my bad, even though you overkilled this depot, it’s going to reinforce for 2 days and make you come back.” The game is going to say “DAYUM that thing is dead!”

Then that is a bug.
The idea of a mobile depot is that you can secure items in it.

Is it though??? He may be right that if you have enough alpha that it will instantly destroy it, happens to ships all the time.

I now wonder of you can do the same to Citadels if you have enough titans/dreads???

Damage cap says no sadly :frowning:

Yeah that’s definitely a bug and not a feature working as intended. I’d be very surprised if, after it’s reported, CCP didn’t consider skipping the reinforce timer an exploit.

The fact that they even have a reinforce timer is too much safety. When my ship gets into structure can I pls invuln for 2 days?

that’s not the entire mechanic ; there’s at least two conditions they can be killed without being reinforced .

your losses on 6/20 show both depots were empty . even if it’s possible to alpha a mobile depot , why would you petition for drones lost that weren’t in the depot ?

It absolutely is not too much safety.

You are talking about a module which has 1000 different uses in the context of a single ship (the Rorqual). The reinforcement timer is 100% appropriate on mobile depots and it would be stupid to get rid of it over one use. If you think the Wetu is OP for saving Excavators (which I don’t, plenty of excavators die - they are slow as fuck) the answer is to increase the size of Excavators, not to dick around with mobile depots.

I disagree as the anchoring time versus the reinforce time isn’t acceptably relative. If the reinforce was say one hour or so it would be a different story.

You must not remember POSes then. 15 minute anchor on a small, with 10 million shield HP (that’s without resists) and a reinforce timer entirely dependent on how much stront you shoved in.

That was the standard for EVE’s entire life until the release of citadels recently.

I mean you can hit a structure with all the dps you want but it will only take a set amount, this is the same thing, the mobile depot is only supposed to take shield damage

again you are not describing the entire mechanic . and still don’t answer my question .
why would you petition for drones lost , when your depots were empty ?

because if the wetu gets alpha’d then he can’t put the drones inside ?

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An Upwell Structure has a damage cap attribute. A depot has no such thing. Stop comparing apples and spaceships.