Why attack mobile depots

Why do people attack mobile depots? Sometimes I deploy them and come back a day later and find they are in a reinforced state. So why do people do it? I mean they gotta scan them down and all and not get anything out of it.

There might be something nice inside.

Oh, that’s easy: There shall be no alien structure in my wormhole!

Why not attack mobile depots?

They’re there and they cannot fight back. What stops you from shooting it?

You can pack it up repair it and drop it good as new with no timer.

Maybe not in that order specifically

After the two-day reinforcement timer is up, if it has not been repaired, it can be destroyed and its contents looted. Although scooping the mobile depot and immediately deploying it does take it out of reinforcement it does not repair the shields.

If the shields are still below 25% when redeployed and have not had enough time to repair shields to 26% or above on its own when attacked it will not go into reinforcement but will be destroyed. You will receive no notification that your depot has been attacked, but will receive a killmail should it be destroyed.

If you don’t want to repair the mobile depot, you can scoop it into your ship’s cargo bay, dock at a station, repackage it, and it will be fully repaired.

Its like a Kinder Surprise. Why do people buy them, when you can just buy regular chocolate?

Well, they buy it for the toy inside.

Same with Mobile Depots. Some people use them to swap out expensive stuff. And people want to destroy them.

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Aaaand it’s a +1 on zkill :wink:

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The real reason, right there.

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