Mobile Depots

I am just suggesting to remove mobile depots from high sec, the purpose of them are long gone. Each system in high sec system has basically stations where you can fit your things. Take a look at jita 4-4 for example, mobile depots are used for some kind of art and corporation recruitment, not for the purposes which they were meant to. In low or null sec depots without care will be blown up. Lets make Jita Great Again and remove mobile depots from high sec!

Preventing their deployment in high sec is a bit extreme. However, I see no reason they shouldn’t be as difficult to kill and trigger only yellow suspect as a MTU.

Take the 2 day reinforce timer and make it 6 hours imo.

They’ve already got code in place that prohibits anchoring Citadels in the major trade hubs. Just apply that to Depots too. I think they’re fine in High Sec overall, but not in the hubs.

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Before it was mobile depots it was cans. There’s always been folks dumping crap in space in Jita for a variety of reasons. It seems a bit extreme to bar mobile depots anywhere in high sec simply because some folks are having fun skywriting in Jita.


I agree, we shouldn’t ban “anywhere in high sec”. But it seems pretty sensible to prevent anchoring junk in the trade hubs. Like I said, the code is already there, preventing Citadels. Just apply the same setting to Depots and Cans and whatnot so people can’t fill the sky with crap.

they would just jump in ibis’ and eject from ship mate. They’ll find a way to do it and we can’t expect ccp to keep patching / fixing whatever they are doing next. There is a timer on jetcan launches and even that did not stop them from performing this mess.

“Let’s get rid of a very useful facility all across hi-sec (more than 1000 systems), as I personally object to its vaguely annoying mis-use in 5 specific systems”. Yet another ‘sod you lot, I want this game tailored to me personally’ suggestion - so how about NO !

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The problem is that they are very difficult to remove. The reinforcement timer means that even if you make the effort to remove them they are still going to sit there for a huge about of time invulnerable. Then someone has to come back through to clean them up again. Meanwhile there is a clear degradation in performance when you get near them.

Any reason on why they shouldn’t have the same destruction mechanics as a MTU?

They are meant to be a safe place to store small amounts of assets, unlike MTUs.

Just ban them from Jita already.

Yeah, they would be completely useless without a reinforcement timer. Their raison d’etre is store stuff safely and if you could just immediately explode them like an MTU they would serve little purpose.

48h reinforcement seems quite excessive to me - perhaps 12h or 24h would be more appropriate for a 1M ISK deployable - but they need to have some way to store stuff securely to be of any use.

I think 4hours is enough if someone really wants to get you they can spend 4 hours which might happen if you are in “their” area. But I doubt a force coming to your area will camp for 4 hours.
If your gone longer you may have to hope it reps itself enough while your gone to restart ref timer.

Or just have them decay after 2 weeks or something unless someone keeps them fueled?

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