CCPlease ban MTUs and Mobile Depots in JITA - they kill FPS

Hey guys,
My PC is freezing everytime I get to Jita and it got even worse. People spam more and more Mobile Depots and stuff like that in Jita, where its lagging already alot.
I wrote a ticket about it before.

Things are already banned from Jita (e.g. citadels), so why no mobile structures? Its pointless, useless, frustrating for people with a wooden CPU (Like as if everyone has got a high-end gaming PC).

Or Please just nerf the timers so it would be harder to keep spamming those bloddy structures.

It really frustrates me and I wonder why nothing has been done against this before. Or am I the only one having trouble with this?

(Turning off all brackets while in Jita does help btw, and shooting those structures myself is a joke, because of reinforcement-timers, PvPers etc etc).

Let me know what u guys think about this, or if I should just shut up and invest in proper hardware.


Just to clarify a few things; I was talking about Mobile Depots used to form letters in space, either to troll or for advertising.
When I suggested to nerf timers to avoid that sort of spam, what I ment was to being unable to anchor another mobile depot, after you just anchored one, only after a 2 minutes delay, the third depot after 5 minutes, next one after 20 minutes etc etc, so youre only able to deploy like 7 Mobile Depots within 2 hours IF all Mobile Depots are still anchored and active. To keep spamming more Mobile Depots you need to either wait insane long time (comparable to Jump Fatigue) OR remove already deployed structures from space.
Also: adding a rule to TOS to disallow usage of Mobile Depots in space for spamming/forming letters…
Done. Problem solved.


CCP and customer support don’t care. I have sent multiple tickets but the stupid number of Depot was never punished. Nor do they care about that these patterns was accomplished with bots. :man_shrugging:






Im talking about my CPU/maybe GPU as well, which is having trouble dealing with 1000 things on the overview, not about my internet connection which is fine.
…also Im sure everyone noticed this except you, and by the way call you ISP cause I think your capslock-key on your keyboard is broken.


Jita is only spammed because everyone goes there…

There are other trade hubs too in the game, where you won’t have those problems.

If a lot of people move to other hubs the spam of such stuff in Jita will go away too.

Jita is laggy b/c there’s too damned many people there. And because of all the exploding Haulers full of PLEX.

If you don’t like all the MTUs and Depots, go kill them. The worst you’ll get is a Suspect flag for your trouble. And nobody is going to come shoot you when they’re too busy dry humping the Undock.


Running EVE on Linux with an AMD FX8350 and a GTX960 and two clients. While Jita does some damage to my fps am I far from asking for CCP to change the game to meet my specs. If anything am I purposely denying myself higher fps by the choice of setup and hardware I am using.

TL;DR: “… invest in proper hardware.” - OP

CCPlease ban … JITA - it kills CPU

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i dont care about FPS too much but this mobile depot spam is just trash



This is such a stupid argument, why should we play janitor? For every one destroyed two more will be dropped so trying to clean them up is a thankless task.

Pure :cancer:

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Both have their use, even in jita:
Gankers can refit their ships at Mobile Depots.
Wracks of destroyed ship a Ganker killed, got sucked in by his MTU.
Even if Jita is a tradehub, it shouldn’t get even more special rules.
And you know, you could use other Tradehubs too?

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Strongly approve of this suggestion. Every other method of intentionally inducing poor performance on other player’s computers (such as jettisoning containers everywhere) is bannable.

Jita 4-4 and both sides of the Jita-Perimeter gate should get 20000km exclusion zones for durable deployables (ie ones with reinforcement timers), so that they will not be on grid.

MTUs should be able to be used if possible, as they have legitimate uses and are easily enough destroyed that you can’t realistically stack dozens.

  • Why should we have to go out and mine asteroids for resources? We should program the game to automatically give us resources.

  • Why should we have to turn those resources into ships and equipment? We should program the game to give us stuff.

  • Why should we blow each other up? We should program the game to kill people automatically and give us their stuff.

The answer to all of these questions is; if you want something accomplished, go out and do it.

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Can’t believe I’m actually justifying your comment with a response but here goes…

All the things you have listed are in-game activities with in-game outcomes, such as making isk etc. cleaning up junk is to better hardware/software performance for the community, achieving nothing in game. Please tell me you see the difference… Actually don’t, I won’t be returning to see your response.

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You cannot efficiently remove mobile Depots in Jita, because they have a reinforcement timer of 24 hours. Within they can be repaired which will reset the reinforcement timer. Imagine trying to remove dozens of Mobile Depots, could take you a week.

Btw. we are not talking about Mobile Tractor Units used to pull wrecks, nor about Mobile Depots used by pvpers etc to switch fittings… We are talking about 200 Mobile Depots used to form letters/words in space, to advertise alliances or to just do some trolling… those are the once that cause massive framedrops (at least on my system)

CCP updated the PC requirements recently. If you don’t meet the requirements it is not CCP’s fault.


Wondering why it lags only with EVE… no mate my internet is fine txs

Well if you have the minimum requirements and still lag in jita … CAUSE OF THE MASSIVE AND POINTLESS DEPOTS deployed there… Yeah not my fault xD

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It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with the 3,000 people in local, all sitting outside the station waiting to gank / get ganked / loot a recent shipwreck. Nope… must be those darned Depots.