CCP Clean up Jita.. Please

is this really necessary CCP?? This is when spamming gets silly


You forgot the mobile tractor units as well.

Há , at least you can look outside…
Undock stuck…
Industrie window stuck…

Can’t even log out with the client, as … thats also … - stuck -

Think you migggghhht need to tweak the code left and right a bit CCP ;p

When in Jita Im always using my bms or you know what? Make yourself overview tab with stuff you only wanna see… how about that?

  1. Shoot depots
  2. ???
  3. Profit

Do it yourself

Dude don’t be an idiot and look that he has multiple tabs on the overview.

He’s made a valid point and you come a long with a stupid comment


Oh well, my bad… havent noticed those tabs before…

Btw… I know I can be who I wanna be…:wink:

Being Idiot is part of being Homo Sapiens Sapiens…

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There ought to be indeed some sort of a limit on these sort of things. We don’t need need anymore useless spam that doesn’t do anything other then use resources, be it on server or client side or both.

this corp should be banned…

right click
remove mobile Depot


CCP won’t do anything unless that impacts server performance. :woman_shrugging:

What your overview displays, is up to your own settings.

Make a Jita specific overview tab.

That they won’t show up on overview doesn’t help.

It is lagging after undock on my computer from 2010 because client is loading each depot on grid. It is not so problematic for me but it is noticeable. And what you see or not see on overview doesn’t matter.

If thats true, then yeah, perhaps its time to restrict mobile depots in Jita.

Frankly, why does anyone even need a mobile depot in Jita.

I dont like “special status” for systems, but there is a more important precedent that EVE should run well on even low-end PCs, to avoid players with better rigs getting an advantage.

PS: What you are experiencing, might be this:
“We’re aware, however, that there are still some issues that are affecting performance of the EVE Client both when jumping into heavily populated systems (for example Jita) and systems where a substantial number of players are all jumping in at once.”

Did you have this problem before?

Gate to Perimeter, problem solved :slight_smile:

Turning the brackets off is what really helps there performance wise.

Don’t notice any performance problems in jita since turning the MD/MTU brackets off.

The problem here is it takes 2 days after initially shooting a mobile depot to actually be able to kill it.

Now we get it CCP, you don’t want us to be able to shoot someones mobile depot they just dropped and kill it immediately, that’s obvious. But 2 days? Really?

You need to drastically drop the 2 day window to something actually incentivized.

Also how the hell do I get one of these magic mobile depot shields to a ship?

Yeah, I was doing it but very soon got tired of it. Its huge nuisance.

If at least vulnerable depot showed in space with some indicator like citadel so opportunist like me could finish off any depot that came out of reinforced…

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That would reduce their effectiveness in other areas. Depots are use for other things than advertising.

I think a better idea is to remove the ability to name mobile depots, or have the name only visible to the owner.

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+1 for the name being visible only to owner, unless actively scanned (so other players can identify depots of their interest).