Cleaning out starter systems

So after reading a post on the forums from a new player about how bad the overview looks to new pilots on undocking. We decided to clean up.
So to night we went to all the starter systems and popped every mobile depots , in one system alone there were 89 at the station, only In the last sys did we come under any real threat.

Black flag started to follow and attacked ,
We will try and keep these systems clear for new players to enjoy.

Content was made and ships went pop .


Are going after defenseless deployables now? :neutral_face:

So the griefers are attacking new player depots…

Sounds more like players cleaning up spam.


For every 100 Chinese or Russian mobile depot you destroy, make sure to also destroy 1 English one so you don’t get accused of racism…



well yeah it was to hard when they were going after things that could shoot.

also really only 89? cans used to be way more prevalent than that. 89 doesn’t sound bad at all.

though I don’t think it would be a bad idea to ban deploying things on grid with the starter stations just to keep new pilots from getting a clogged overview while still trying to understand it and all the other windows.


No mobile depot or can anchoring in ANY of the trade hubs or starter systems would be nice…


There were a couple of German ones I think - will that count?

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what do you mean… there is only one trade hub in eve. The rest died years ago. they have a decent region market but even amarr can’t really be called a 'Hub" anymore.

So as you can see the sheer amount of mobile depots we had to kill was ridiculous. If any of you are in the other starter systems let me know how many depots they have in.

What was surprising some people’s reaction , some just watched , some moaning in local , some acted as they wanted to attack us but wasn’t sure and then Mr Black flag himself @God_Emperor_Kane or his alt who made the effort to hunt us down ,that I understand but not him defending the spamming of depots .

Anyway we did find this good training and good fun and thank you Kane for additional danger .

Now what , keep clearing sys or we could sell depot permits to try and control the spamming :grin:


You guys were suspects… Seeing so many suspect passing through systems peaked my interest.


If that’s the reason then all good , it’s a bit like you was doing our job why we all went criminal hehe

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Let’s keep that in the records.

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Since we were performing a public service, we should maybe ask for a Hall Pass next time?


What’s the saying? You don’t make an omelette, without opening the fridge door…
Or something like that


I’m not questioning @Githany_Red’s unorthodox methods. I’m questioning why he snitched his whole band like that?

Nicely done. Did you reinforce them all before or has that mechanic changed?

For your entertainment:

Give it another hour or two and it will be encoded to 4k (It’s at HD atm).


All reinforce on Wednesday’s

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