What would you think

… if you started this “free to play” MMO, undocked eager to immersive yourself in this universe and see this :

Guys seriously, this is out of hand.
Dont allow anchoring in Rooke CONSTELLATIONS. It is time.

We all know EVE is a game infested with bots and free to play is really just a cash grab. But do we need to make it THAT obvious to newer Players ? Come on.


I’ve been seeing this can spam since way before F2P was implemented.

Though your subtext is pretty obvious. And it is as disgusting now as it was when is was done against the Russian players back then.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Right click and remove from overview.


Looks pretty immersive to me. Whats the anachronism Im missing?

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Maybe like where I live we all get together and pick up any litter on a Sunday morning ,then back to local pub for tea and cakes. Although we don’t go flashy yellow as we do this .

So should we clear the trash from starter systems?

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I agree that is definitely uncalled for. There’s no reason whatsoever to put a Mobil Depot in a Rookie System.

Maybe try tagging some Dev’s?

Anyway, I support the proposition - no anchoring allowed in Starter Systems.


Which is fine if you’re not fresh of the spawntubes and 10 mins into the game, which most of the people seeing that are.

We have rules against griefing in rookie systems. given how important the overview is there should be some measures to prevent ruining it until you’ve entered the game proper.


afik you get concorded for attacking mobile depots. But feel free to enlighten me. Would be glad for a way to remove them.

Oh do you , I thought it was just yellow , if it’s red we need a new plan

He is trolling you, you just go yellow, same as MTU’s. But go check with a character in a noob ship.

The issue with MTU’s is that there is a timer on them. You often see them with a red circle on them, which means that they have been RF’d.

Shooting cans will get you concorded however.


Thought he was but thxs

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New pilots should agree that space has junk in it!

Well I tested it and all is good and I think we are going to try and clean out a system, who knows what adventure’s it may lead too

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For a while I was sweeping Uitra on and alt of mine, maybe I should go back to that.



@Mike_Azariah I put up a Magic School Bus contract for you. You have two weeks to accept.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I’ll race you to clear a whole starter system

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That’s exactly what I encountered when I first logged on, I opened every single one of them and in all but one there was a contract that read:
“One billion isk for killing Luwc and bringing me his head.”
In the last one there was a Fedo who had to go to the veterinarian because of consuming a contract written in toxic ink.
I rescued the Fedo and gave her to a friend of mine who subsequently was blown up somewhere out in nullsec, all of her stuff and the Fedo are now space debris.

But yah, those things are seriously obnoxious, as I understand it you can’t place them in Jita anymore, the rookie systems need them removed as well.
Maybe the thing to do, since they are actually useful is make it so you can only place one of them in these systems.

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Anchoring shouldn’t be banned, but maybe a limit should be imposed on what you can an anchor and how long it can sit in a system.
This would at least make it more expensive to spam like that.

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Why do these things have a timer anyway?

Do people actually defend them?

And if so (as they are mobile) why are they given a grace period to account for the owner being offline (as I have been led to believe is the reason for timers in the first place)?

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