Spamtainers inside collision boundaries at station in starter systems

This is the first thing new players see in overview when undock for first time. What impression does that give of Eve Online. -talk about “new player experiences” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They are placed inside collision boundaries of the station, so you cant reach them.
In 3 Gallente starter systems. I guess they are in ALL starter systems.
I managed to scoop them by bookmark and warp to. And dont even get suspect flag.
-not jettison or secure cans, just standard tainers. Empty offcourse.

Dont know what the asian writing says, but must be worth the effort, since the hassle of placing them there. I bet they are back in a couple of days. :thinking:


I would love for something to be done about space trash like this. And mobile depots.

But on the same the despawn rules for containers and mobile depots exist for a reason. I wouldn’t want containers that I have put in space for gameplay (and not advertisement) reasons to disappear too soon.

I’d love CCP to take another look at this and see if they can do something about this immersion breaking space trash.

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That just like real life, advertising exists.

Its “immersive.” and no worse that HE HAS CLEAR VISION DO YOU

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I rather like the billboard hologram advertisements. The endless unreadable names cluttering the overview, not so much.

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Ok, well, you do have the oiption to not have them on your overview, which you dont with CLEAR VISION HE HAS IT DO YOU

Did you notice he hasn’t got clear vision anymore?

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Yeah but I figure the meme still has distance :slight_smile:

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Its very disturbing. Also rookies cant see the gates and other celestial straight @CCP_Aurora . Looks like trash. Also they go suspect first minutes of game and loose ship before they learn how to navigate themselves. Does dropping citadels allowed in rookie systems ?

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It’s kinda bad but you can decide to not have it on your overview
Speaking of the expire timer: yes, cargo container have 2 hours of life time but mobile depot have 30 days before getting deleted

Dont forget that resets on access too

I wrote a ticket to CCP about this with this exact concern, 6 months ago. Answer was basically that they didn’t see it as a problem, and that you could filter those out.

But how do you tell that to a new player, undocking for the first time?


I bet this thread wouldnt exist if the language used were english

They DO NOT have insights about the new players., and they cant develop integration programs chained to that fact … . That’s why they are experiencing that many heavy retention issues … and they have zero idea about how to tackle it… ( At least i cant see any visible marker to convince me to opposite direction)

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We do not speak it’s name!


I’ve seen those in several rookie systems.
They’re most likely placed by … guess it … new players!

Stop hating on new players.

Space trash makes it feel more alive and real.

That stuff means that someone put value into the time doing it.
People do it for a reason. Whatever it is, it’s his reason.

Stop trying to destroy the game of others.


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I like that players can express themselves in this game, but not like this, cluttering up the overview.

I’d love CCP to give those players another way to express themselves (player made billboard messages?) while at the same time taking away this trash.

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I doubt that would be any less annoying. It would certainHE CLEAR SIGHT HAS AM WE?ly get in the way of my immersion. Or something.



Oh I’m pretty sure such things will be horrible to read! :smiley:

But at least it would be intended use of gameplay assets and not cluttering up my overview.


Dropping dozens of containers in space and giving them names to advertise your corporation, chat channel or scam is not intended use. I’m pretty sure this is what’s called ‘emergent gameplay’.

I don’t oppose emergent gameplay, but if it is lowering the framerate of players, increasing loading times, lowering the readability of the overview and confusing newbies, I think CCP does well when looking for an alternative for these people to advertise their messages.

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I’ve seen people use that name but I have no idea what’s up with that.
Did he spam Jita or something?
Why would that be bad?