One line "feature i want to see removed" thread

You know how it works. People always only offer ideas to add, but there is no single place for ideas that people think need to go. i consider this an information as valueable as the opposite.

i’ll start, of course:

the security button needs to go, or at least defaulted to red, to stop protecting people from themselves.

I like diz ! :thumbsup:

Station billboards.


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definitely station billboards, they slow the game down like hell

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Station billboards.


The ability to post selfish and/or stupid requests on the forums that haven’t been properly thought out.


all warning messages reminding you that you forgot your cargo.


oops, capslock…

If you think that many things in the game need to eb removed, I think it’s time for you to quit…


This is just straight up wrong.

There’s nothing interesting that comes out of someone forgetting their cargo and having to go back to get it. It’s just wasted time for that person. There’s no interesting gameplay, there’s not even an opportunity to take advantage of, it’s just a completely avoidable and boring mistake that does nothing more than waste someone’s time, which isn’t a ton of fun.

Even removing the safety from the game has a tiny bit of merit to it, but that won’t happen because the safety is mostly there for two things. New player retention, and so players don’t feel like they’re fighting the UI instead of making actual decisions.


Nope. Your perspective is way too narrow and needs widening.

It isn’t supposed to be fun when you make a mistake. That’s what increased the realism, because it didn’t protect you from your mindlessness. That’s what added character to the game, because then you bitched about your own stupidity. Shielding people from their stupidity is bad, because it prevents people from improving.

And talking about the security button only using words CCP used to sell it to you dismisses you from any serious discussion about it, because the security button had actual, lasting cultural consequences for this game and goes way beyond what they told you it’s supposed to be doing! It is a psychological deterrent and, combined with suspect state, it’s extremely effective at teaching new players to not even get the idea of doing what grew this game’s culture for over a decade!

Years ago members of CCP thought it was brilliant that people just stole cans. Brilliant! New players just did it to do something daring. something they knew no other game offers. something they knew makes sense and is perfectly fine to do! It raised retention and grew the game thanks to fear of the unknown and omg what’s going to happen! Adrenaline gets people hooked!

Just because you don’t see the bigger picture of things, doesn’t mean that bigger picture doesn’t exist! And the security button in no way or form helps anyone with the UI, hell, this doesn’t even make logical sense! What kind of selling point is that? It prevents a few pop-ups! Wow! they must have been really hard to deal with!

Wow. Just wow. :smiley:

Local chat


The auto update of D-Scan when you jump a gate. I want to review that scan from the last system! :@


And this has changed how exactly? Now they need to set it to yellow once and when they do it they get the same sensation of “Oh boy, from now on I can screw up badly when I see something shiny. Let’s see how long I last”. They actively know that they can now do naughty things and chuckle over it.

Preventing pop-ups, especially the EVE pop-ups, is a good thing. Why? Because these pop-ups prevent you for valuable seconds from doing and seeing anything at all, which could cost you your ship for no reason because you didn’t jump a gate or couldn’t dock in a station.

ah, i see, you don’t understand what a deterrent is and you can’t mentally put yourself into the perspective of a new player. i suggest you learn that first and then we can talk about it. it’s not that simple as you make it out to be. and that slight passive aggressive undertone is hilarious. :smiley:

anyhow, this is offtopic and i’ll flag it as such. i will add a link to an explanation i wrote somewhere else, but first i have to solve the coffee emergency.

VNIshtars need to be removed.

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found it! apparently googling this forum is a no-go.

Please also read the post below, by Tengu Grib, and my explanation below. they’re close below the one i linked above. please know that i’m not avoiding you, it’s just off-topic for this thread. and i still don’t have coffee. i feel my life force slowly fading away… lol

I do not see their point. Can baiting still exists and is very popular around mission hubs. There are entire corps doing this to mission runners. They steal their important mission loot and wait for the angry mission runner to shoot them. The exact same thing as can baiting miners.

And your insistence of how terrible the yellow timer is, is largely overblown. I see suspect and pirate people flying around high sec space unhindered and un-engaged on a regular basis. Yes, it is scary at first but if you prepare at least a little bit, you have nothing to worry about from it. And isn’t scary something that you want because it makes the adrenaline rush?

In essence, no, I do not see your point nor your point in the linked topic (and Xuxien’s point even less because we don’t need content in high sec, we need content in low sec and null sec) because I do not was like this when I started the game and expect people to be like me or better. Simple. And before you accuse me again: I know what a deterrent is and how they work. What I do not accept is how they are supposed to prevent someone who wants to be naughty from being exactly that

People who constantly demand more action for high sec should be removed, too.
People are supposed to venture out into low/null sec for amazing content, not get drawn back into the safety of high sec.

apparently you’re incapable of understanding the meaning of “off topic” so i sadly have to assume that’s not the only thing you can’t understand and will just leave it at that.

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