We need another Hulkageddon

NullSec is stagnant. The playerbase is whining about NuPlex and skins and carrier nerfs. What we need is a bit of a shakeup. HiSec needs to burn again.


Empires start hiring alliances to fight for them. I.e. CCP picks who fights who

Yes, I realize the terrifying implications of everything in that suggestion.

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Good idea! Are you organizing one?


Good idea. Schedule it, announce it, then open fire a week early.


Every 260m tick is another 26 catalysts. Just gotta build them.

When there was an actual hulkageddon event it ran 24/7/365 for me. Problem is no one flies them as they’re as tanky as a soap bubble.

Nice idea.

However i’m too lazy to visit high-sec event for this :sunglasses:

well theres the issue with killrights now no? I used to kill hulks with a thorax and raise my sec in the “secret” sec raising static plex in hjoramold. Go from -2 to 0 in about an hr killing 8 ships I believe…BUT ITS A SECRET…but rather worthless with tags now.


Excuse my observation…but it looks like you’re whining in that post…no offense. When null bears come to burn high sec they leave quickly…back to their home stations in null due to their ineptitiude towards small hunter killer parties.

Burn me please…I like it HOT…uh xuxien…I haven’t figured out this forum yet

i’d have an idea, but i’m not sure posting it in here is appropriate…

Roll back to pre-retribution so no more suspects. Can baiting made this game much more fun than the suspect idea. Many people quit when this patch hit anyway,perhaps its too ingrained in eve now.


‘Suspect’ mechanics made it more dangerous. If people left because of this reason they were not very good i guess.

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you are incorrect…it was a vast change in the basic mechanics many wouldn’t accept…I stayed…but I knew many who thought it was like another game after. Drastic change has killed or hurt other mmo’s…
The tags made hek pointless as a hub as it was widely used as the only 0.5 hub. I remember averages there of 500-600 people at high times. I almost cried when I went there and didn’t have to scroll through local…

maybe you miss the effect suspect state has on new players. it’s totally understandable why old people would quit because of this. the short summary is, that combined with the security button it acts as deterrent for new players to engage and experiment activities which have been normal for a decade. for a decade!

reading through history gives quite the insights and was really, really interesting from a - hmmm - “political” perspective. ccp nerfed the extremely complex system of social interactions that made highsec by introducing these “features” not just to influence the current situation, but to influence the future state of highsec.


Well… If you call plastic wraps on electrical sockets ‘deterrent to try new activities’… ?
Before security switchers “new players” met occasional CONCORD visit just by pressing button at the wrong moment. Now to get the same result they need to wear big boy panties (put SS to red).

Maybe there were people who really enjoyed to get killed by CONCORD “just because i pressed button” and it could make them look at “the dark side”… Anything is possible, i agree.

But i see security switchers as UI improvement. More useful than UI icons changing, replacing crosses with more complex crosses, or putting sign ‘omega’ on half of client interface.

Personally i’m looking at it from outside. Never been high-sec can baiter, never been baited on can (once my container was stolen because of my trust to strangers but that’s it). Stupidly lost 2 ships setting SS to red and mistaken targets in overview, getting CONCOROKKEN myself and having killrights on me… For me these changes are not much different than changing carriers from drones to fighters (i hated this idea and haven’t used carrier for long time, not i’m Ok with it and happily supercarrier rat - yes, i’m 1% of 1%). Or ending of nano-era. or lots of similar changes which drastically changed game environment.

when you start with a false equivalent, it’s really hard responding to your post. CONCORD has nothing to do with the suspect state deterrent, so i don’t see how that adds anything to what i said.

so let’s put this straight.

the sec button is a deterrent, meant to give new players the feeling that certain activities are “unlawful”, which automatically makes them reconsider these activities. “i have to deliberately change my state to do certain things and i am being warned about them, so i better not risk anything.”

the sec button reduces the amount of options for the new player, because it’s a psychological deterrent. it gives the feeling that certain things shouldn’t be done. it reduces the amount of social interactions. this works together with the second psychological deterrent: the suspect state. i’m repeating myself in hopes it helps getting the point across. ofc i cant make you consider this more in depth. who does that nowadays anyway, right?

where before new players could experiment in shenanigans, they now suffer from the consequence of being flaghed for 15min as kill-on-sight. a MASSIVE psychological deterrent. for a decade people could just run away, but nowadays the only option is to stay at a safespot or docked. again this means less options, which is bad.

fact: more options are always better than less options.
fact: deterrents are always used to deterr someone from certain activities.

the secbutton/suspect convo was a brilliant “political” move to influence the future new players by giving them the feeling that they have to behave lawfully, backwards to how the game actually works. someone has to specifically dare, which reduces the amount of new players simply “going for it” and is in complete opposite to hilmar’s story about how they were amazed that players came up with can flipping in the first place. quote: “we thought that was brilliant.”

you can see things from any perspective you want, but that doesnt change the underlying facts:

.) a deterrent is a deterrent
.) protecting people from their own mistakes breeds carelessness and stabs a culture that worked for a decade.
.) more options are always better than less options.

And to put the last nail into your rather misaligned post: suspect state equals 15min of kill-on-sight and, for a new player, is equivalent to getting concorded and being forced to wait out the timer. i deliberately ignore killrights, btw, which would also belong here, but i’m typing on a phone… meh.

the big point is that ccp nerfed social interactivity massively, sadly for good reasons, but not for the reasons you stated or most people have in mind.


I respect your arguments BUT I WANT CAN BAITING BACK!!!


In before: but you can still do that, you just have to suffer from completely inadequate consequences.


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suspects wouldn’t exist in a can baiting environment…

hey, i’m just saying what some random geniusses would be saying. vOv

i agree with you about this. more options is always better than less options and the old can flipping, without the huge deterrents, offered way more possibilities than what we have now. especially for new players.