Hulkageddon Wannabe

Have you capsuleers noticed the industrialists jamming up highsec since the changes to industry took effect ? Have you noticed the Orca’s, Exhumers, and Barges setting up shop and slapping down roots ? Oh no no no ! CODE are failing us, yes OK they get a few but these things breed like Fedos on speed. The long ago days of Hulkageddon sadly are no longer with us and the industrialist runs free on the Savannah plains of Eve dancing a jolly little ditty as they go. Well there is an answer, oh yes there is, thank the madness of Sansha himself.

Join the “capsuleers on crack” channel where one inhalation will have you running around like a crazed Amarrian priest. Take a seat and chill there whilst you await a fleet posting to finally get your shizz on.

In this channel fleets will be posted by your fellow capsuleers that have an overly unhealthy interest in ganking. When we say ganking we mean getting into cheap throw away destroyers and going forth unto the stars locating miners and blowing up their barges, exhumers, and industrial command ships. Retriever, Skiff, Hulk or indeed even Orca hell all these and more are fair game :smiley:

So don’t be shy chat amongst yourselves in there, such pleasures after all are open to everyone, form a fleet throw the link in the chat form up and go gank yourselves some delicious prey - Remember we are Lions on the Savannah and the said Savannah are full of prey, go gorge yourselves get fat, hunting season is open :wink:

All races, professions and even capsuleers that identify as lost hammerhead drones are welcome.


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