Kind of miss the old days

Yeah I will probably get allot of hate for this. But I miss the old days when people where not scared to undock a Hulk or Mackinaw in high sec. I mean I remember back in 2007-2008 you could see Hulks everywhere and Mack´s in every ice belt.

I know CCP is trying to battle bots in their own twisted way which is not helping.

Sure you can use them in null and WH space which should be more safer and better but honestly not everything is about null space. Reason I quit being in null im so sick all all the damn drama I mean are they men in their 30-50s or teenage girls ?

Will we ever see allot of hulks and mackinaws in high sec again or is that a thing forever in the past.

Honestly, when I saw the topic, I was thinking more of Apoch fleets and jet cans.

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The good old days also had 50 ship ISBoxer fleets that could clear an ice belt in a few minutes - good riddance!

The current meta seems to be Orca mining. Hulks and Mackinaw have always been ganker favorites but we also went through a period with roaming Raznaborg fleets that could make short work of them. I doubt we’ll see them back anytime soon - the Orca with drone mining augmentation rigs and ‘Augmented’ mining drones is a very effective ship!

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I’ll be fair I have only just returned to eve after a 9 year absence but seeing this brought me back to what I used to do back then.

Now I’m probably a fair bit out with some of this but when I used to play having a hulk fleet with orca in high spec could clear several large asteroid fields in a good day . You could then haul it to your own station process it and build a a good business around that with the exception of hulkagedon.

You could work with a corp in low spec to build a capital and split the profit, blueprint higher end materials etc

Since returning I was taken back at some of the changes and still am learning the new ways but was most surprised at the disappearance of some key ships like the badger mk2 and at how far things in industry had changed but that the core industry mining manufacturer had de solved from hi spec.

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