Mining in HS safe from PvE ships again?

Hi, I quit some time ago because it wasn’t possible to semi-afk mine in HS with the release of triglavian ships (I think?). It seems a lot of events have happened since then. Are they gone now? Seems like it’s a chapter that’s been “concluded”, but I’m not sure.

Why You Should Come Back

  • I don’t know if the roaming trig gangs are still a thing (haven’t checked), but there are now trig wormholes that can spawn in certain systems. There’s various ways to deal with them, but you’re best bet would be to get positive standings with both Edencom and Triglavians so that you don’t have to worry about either. The Edencom Defense initiative sometimes has dual standings fleets. Join their discord for more information.

Why You Should Stay Away

  • CCP has expressed a desire to move away from low attention game play. Thus, you might not be very happy with the changes that we see over the next year or so.
  • Miners are currently dealing with resource scarcity. Mineral prices are on the rise, and apparently a lot of people are now mining in HS, but I don’t know if you’ll be happy with ore availability or the current state of moon mining.
  • The costs and risks associated with structure ownership has gone up. Naturally, this has made many moon miners unhappy.
  • I’m not entirely sure that Eve will provide you with the game play experience that you’re looking for. But, I base that off of 1 thread, so I could be wrong.

Depends on what you mean by “semi-afk”. If you put some effort in deciding where to mine and pay full attention untill you are actually mining you can still chill out in a hisec belt like you used to.

AFAIK Trig WH’s only spawn in k-space systems around Pochven, X jumps from where the Final Luminalities took place. Or something like that. If you are willing to go figure that out you’ll be okay.

That being said, if you quit because you couldn’t semi-afk anymore Eve probably isn’t the right game for you. CCP is cracking down on AFKers ruining the economy, whether they be hisec miners or nullsec ratters.


Prices are allready going down, as tons of ppl migrating to hisec

Hi and thanks for the answers. What I mean with semi-afk is (mostly) mining in an Orca while doing other things like reading and writing documents. I’m still “there” and rarely being actual afk for more than 10 minutes. I’ve done that for several years, but the Triglavian event kinda put an end to it the last time I played.

You could still do that when Trigs were involved, just not in every system. Better yet, you could mine incredible amounts of Tritanium if you had aligned with the Triglavians.

I guess it’s more about moving product to hubs and running into their fleets? Then it might depend on what you think of the topology of New Eden post-invasion as some systems have fallen to the Trigs and have become part of Pochven. Other then that it’s business as usual. As long as you don’t attract CODE or mine during a wardec you should be good.

It’s just that having quit after years because of something happening to your disadvantage isn’t the best indicator of adaptability, which makes it hard for me to recommend a return to an MMO that quite often breaks itself due to it’s sandbox nature.

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I have been playing on and off since 2007. I’m not unfamiliar with the game. It’s not that my beefy Orca was a risk to Triglavian belt rats, but I lost my drones all the time and it never became profitable. At least not as much as mining in HS can be. When I played they were everywhere, even if a system wasn’t invaded, or whatever it’s called, they still had those annoying rats that loved to focus drones.

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Apparently CCP is trying to nerf semi afk play as well as afk playstyles. Maybe it’s time to give up the game again?


I’m not sure that I ever mine truly AFK because it’s way too easy for a ganker to warp in and take out your (pretty expensive) mining ship. And even though I’m not a fan of ganking or of Code, I’m not sure that this is necessarily a bad thing.

Personally, I think that the plague of people 'bot mining and stripping entire belts while not really contributing to or engaging in the game is a pretty valid reason for CCP to tighten up on people being AFK while playing.

Having said this, I sincerely hope they don’t effectively throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater.

I tend to do a lot of mining. I do this because I find it quite mediative and it’s quite relaxing after a stressful day at work. The slow pace also allows me to multitask.

Normally when I’m mining I chat to others in local, in B4R and in the help channels, I help newbie pilots where I can and I try to generally be friendly and helpful to others. I also participate reasonably enthusiastically in Project Discovery.

If mining became much more labour intensive and needed an increased level of focus, I’d still play the game because I enjoy it, but my participation in the things I mentioned above would definitely fall off and might become non-existent.

I’m not sure that this would be good for the game, for the Eve community, for things like B4R or for scientific research (and to be clear this is not because I’m that important but more because I suspect this would affect other miners in the same way).



So you stopped playing becasue you were no longer able to not-play?



belt ore is much more available (CCP increased the volume in belts ?) , but even though the minerals price has risen, the mineral density has gone down so besides kernite that you should mine in LS, and merco, all basic ore are the same isk/m³ that was before (around 200) - to BO and compressed values.
edit : just checked, comparing the best of compressed/reprocessed with 75% rate :
veldpsar 206 (reprocess)
plagioclaz 206 (reprocess)
pyroxeres 168(compressed)
scordite 165 (compressed)
dense/rich/azure/concentrated are just better , also variants of scordite are valuable at compressed value almost as much as plagio. Basically ignore pyroxeres completely and raw scordite, and you’ll make 200 isk/m³ (to BO remember - the SO is barely better so don’t waste your time managing orders).

Basically it’s just easier to find a quiet belt and mine, also in many systems nobody will bother you. I found people mining with covetor/hulk in HS but never away from the screen (landing a catalyst and they were gone), also not bot AFAIK (engaged discussion).

What’s more you have a bonus to mining yield in some systems, which is very nice.

Not only that. It also made it much more valuable to bash them. The only protection the small structures had, versus bigger corporation, was the time required to bash it, so you had to make it value the lowest possible. Nowadays CCP literally forced to give the same price as the structure (actually 150% for the raitaru) to the attacker, meaning if they want a structure they can just attack one .

IIRC it’s 3j away max.

bots are not affected by those changes. They react faster than human.

The outrage if CCP removed the spin from stations …

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Mining in highsec is totally safe from PvE ships.
No need to worry about those at all!

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You should just stay away. Good riddance!

Since this thread is still going, I’ll throw in an update in case someone has the same question.

I’ve been mining the last few days and it finally seems like those little shits are gone. Time to dust off them augmented fellows! :smiley: Like previously said, I’d stay away from Edencom systems unless you know what they’re about. But CCP has been nice to give you a warning when you try to enter those systems anyway.

Happy mining!

I Just decided to go and do a little mining in my corner of 0.8 HS space.
As usual I scout out the belt first, I arrive to find 2 x Frigate rats and a Mining Barge Rat (Receiver)

Approx. 20 seconds after I arrive I am targeted and 5 x Rat Cruisers jump in Warp Scramble me and my Scout Corvette ‘Xmas Special’ (I fitted it with a Festival Launcher to get the extra skill points over Xmas :slight_smile: ) is dust.

I am glad I checked the belt as usual as it looks as if even the Normal Rats are getting nasty :smiley:

That happens when you mine in a system with a Pirate Stronghold. The Agency has a tab for that. :slight_smile:

There is definitely an Orca nerf coming so that is something to keep in mind too.

Yeah I gathered as much. But honestly it is kinda broken to afk mine like this :smile:

sourcing mother ■■■■■■, do you know it ?

Did you not read the “ecosystem outlook” dev blog?

“Establish a sustainable role for Rorquals and Orcas and do a general balance pass on mining ships”

If you don’t realize this explicitly means “nerf Orcas” you must not have been playing very long.

In CCP speak, “balance” always means nerf. They make something worse while using PR speak to try and sell you on the idea that making something worse really means it’s better.

The only question is how bad will it be? Will they nerf the tank down to nothing to appease gankers? Will they nerf the mining drones to stop the Orca from being a viable mining ship?

Being CCP, I’m sure the answer is both.