Mining in HS safe from PvE ships again?

No, this does not explicitly mean “nerf orcas”.

You may look up the definition of “explicit”.

You honestly think it means Orcas are going to get some kind of buff?
Or is it far more likely they will be nerfed to the point of being barely usable like Rorquals were?

You can’t really be that clueless. You’ve played long enough to be able to decipher CCP corporate speak.

What I think is irrelevant. Your claim has no source. Maybe CCP will nerf them. And maybe they won’t. Maybe they will buff them. and maybe they won’t.

It’s unlikely that they would receive a straight buff, as they seem to be in a good spot. It’s however totally possible that other ships receive some kind of buff in order to make them usable along the rorqual. Barges and exhumers are already better than the orca.

Also it does not change the fact, that your quote does NOT “explicitly mean nerf orcas”.

CCP will nerf/buff as they see fit. The problem is they want us to play along their rules. They just don’t seem to take into consideration that’s it’s just human nature to break the the rules. Do what they will, it’s going to be a tough fight for them. Meh…

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