One line "feature i want to see removed" thread

Remove Static Belts every where,
Replace with anoms, appropriate sized and numerous enough though on random timers to replace the m3 of a system in a 24hr cycle.


IMO you’re the one with the overly narrow perspective here. There are interesting mistakes and then there are boring ones. Forgetting your cargo is a boring mistake. As I said there’s nothing interesting about forgetting your cargo for a mission, and really there’s nothing to improve there either. Everyone’s going to forget it sooner or later, whether due to tiredness or lack of attention, but there’s nothing to learn from there.

The safety does prevent UI issues, because there are plenty of paths in the UI that lead to a player shooting someone unintentionally, for example your target dies, you have an ally targeted, and you just pushed the button to activate an offensive module. Yes, the popups blocked that before, but the problem with those is they also blocked other UI actions where the safety doesn’t. Same result, much more elegant solution that doesn’t block other parts of the UI.

Also the idea that these relatively small changes have substantively changed the culture of the game or impacted its popularity is ridiculous. The most popular expansion in Eve’s history was the one that introduced Wormholes, which were half PvE and half 0.0 space, neither of which have anything to do with ganking or safeties.

The idea that Eve lives or dies based on the ability of people to make arbitrarily small screwups in High Sec is ridiculous. Intentional errors make for better stories and less resentment on both sides, which helps player retention.

any small object that you name is only seen by you or your corp/alliance and nobody else, thus getting rid of a ton of space trash advertisements in essence.

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Gasclouds in combat anomalies can get the boot. They cloud up the scenery from the pretty explosions.


you mean “can”, right?

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I want to remove empty space in the layout of this stupid forum. Thank you in advance.

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less crap on screen is actually a good thing, because readers don’t get tunnel vision that easily from all the information on screen the brain has to filter out, like on the old forums. it was a wise choice.

thanks for your input, though!

Antiganking aka Concord km whoring

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The PI Click-Fest…

–Gadget votes repeal then replace.

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Definitely local.
And t3’s.

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Less crap on screen? Now there’s more crap on screen and much less actual info.

You can’t have “more wasted space” and “more crap on screen” at the same time, so which is it?

anyway this isn’t really a thread for bigger discussions, though, so i won’t go beyond one/two-liners in here. maybe there’s a thread about this somewhere already.

no, it’s just frustrating. Even in real life, you forget things all the time. Forgetting the cargo will never make you learn or improve. Even in real life, more tools are invented to remind you of what you forgot to do. That’s not stupidity, that’s just a trait of some people.

it is stupidity. (to use your own wording)

what else is it, when you keep making the same mistake without learning?

you frustrate yourself. when you make a tool to prevent you from being frustrated enough that you stop making the mistake, then you can not improve. you will be dependent on being shielded and remain blissfully, and unaware, stupid.

why don’t we all migrate discussions to a different thread?

Local in null.

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Billboards (pointless things that they are)

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