New safe space where no one would dare to shoot you down

I was a member of the eve-online gang for over 7 years and finally got tired of bullies and thieves. I love the game but there are personalities that ruin it for others.
When my subscriptions ran out the last time, I didn’t renew. I wrote the following letter to Eve Support. The reply that I received suggested that I share the letter on this forum so that it could be discussed. He said that through this forum changes in the game are possible. I want to return to Eve but that will only happen if there are more like me who want to play in truly safe space. Here is my letter:


I was a member of the eve family for several years. I enjoyed staying in “safe space”, meaning greater than 5, and growing and building. It became my other life.

Over the past two or three years, that I was a member of the Eve family, the aggressors became too much for me and I quit eve.

I miss eve, what it used to be! But, I will never go back again because of that unnecessary aggression that is now occurring in “safe space”! Unless…

A new plan: Eve can rearrange their affairs by setting aside several systems for peace loving people like me. You have 00 space to 04 space for the aggressive people. You have 05 on up for “safe” areas which are no longer safe because the aggressive people like preying on unarmed miners, etc. You might say to yourselves, it is difficult to make more systems. You don’t need to make more systems! You have hundreds already in place. Just choose a large area of systems and eve mail everyone telling them that on such and such a date this area will be called ____________ and here are the new rules for that area. It is that easy.

NOW! Set aside several systems to be for peace loving people who only need to worry about the occasional pirates that the people can protect themselves against. Don’t make those pirates stronger than they now are in 05 and up space.

These new systems, all in the same geographical area, could be called “A1” maybe, meaning Aggression free zones. This would become that secure haven that peace loving people could enjoy. No one likes to have bullies and thieves enter their homes and rape and pillage them!!!

To keep this new “A1” group of systems aggression free, here is a plan: When an aggressor enters that “A1 zone” looking for easy prey, and they shoot someone, there is a consequence. The consequence is, the eve computer will instantly destroy the aggressor’s ship, implants, and all that is a part of that ship. Not only that, but the eve computer will also automatically deduct three times the cost of the victims ship, implants, and associated gear and put that amount into the victim’s bank account in addition to the usual insurance payout.
Why three times the cost you might ask? Because it takes a long time to study the ships and gear that the victim might want on the new ship, plus, it takes a lot of time traveling around to buy and collect that new ship and gear. That penalty for unnecessary aggression would pay the victim for all of that lost time. There needs to be a consequence for the bullies and thieves!

The victim would still be participating in the game’s commerce this way and possibly be trying out new equipment because of that loss. This way commerce continues and the “safe A1” zone remains truly safe.

Now you might ask yourselves who would want to be in “A1” space? There are a lot of people like me that just want a second life that they can escape to and be in control of and know what the outcome of their decisions will become. Also, in your advertisements you can include wording that would appeal to people like me. Have two parts of the advertisement, one for aggressors and one for peace loving people. In the advertisement tell how we can work in the various trades and build our empires by mining and other forms of trade and not have to worry about aggressors and wars. There are a lot of us that this would appeal to. Most of the fun of eve, for me and hopefully others, is the commerce. Being able to make things and figuring out ways to market and transport them to the entire eve universe.

I would like to be placed on your waiting list to rejoin EveOnline when this “A1” (or whatever you will call it) is in place. Please let me know when I can come back to my “improved” second home. I won’t pay a subscription fee just to see if you have made that upgrade so please let me know, then I’ll come back.

Thank you,

Darwin Hall
Pecale, Regap and my other alts

Now guys, lets put some pressure on eve to set asside some systems for industrious peaceful people.
Thank you.


Space is a cruel place, man… Especially space in EVE. Just realise it, bro.

By the way. Alliances in nullsec can protect their miners and industrialists. So maybe nullsecs are the safest places in EVE))

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Eve has a player driven economy. The stuff you mine, manufacture, etc… is sold to other players. This stuff has value because there is risk involved in harvesting it and moving it to market. Creating an aggression free zone where people can still perform industrial activity to create wealth would eliminate the concept of “scarcity” that gives things value. Eve already has a serious problem with over production and an unbalanced economy - we don’t need to push it farther in that direction.

I play as a peaceful industrialist. Most of my characters have no combat skills beyond what they need to run the SOE Epic Arc. I fly billions around New Eden each week in Blockade Runners and haven’t lost a ship in highsec in close to 3 years. Thriving as prey in a game like Eve is a challenge that I enjoy. With an “easy button” like an aggression free zone, Eve would be boring.

I can’t support this idea, beyond the new player systems where aggression is already restricted. We need more destruction in Eve to balance the economy - not less!


Dup post

You can’t sign up for the jungle that is EVE and then ask for the rules to be changed. If you didn’t know what you signed up for, then that’s your fault. if you knew and now aren’t satisfied, go play something else.

Do you also play chess and demand that the rules of the game are changed for your personal liking?

This approach towards Life itself is seriously unhealthy in the long term (both mentally and physically) and you should seek help that enables you to improve your real life, instead of running away from it. Your desire for further isolation will only make things worse for you, and will further disconnect you not only from reality, but also from yourself.


What you are wanting is a predictable single player game. Elite Dangerous is the game for you, not EVE…


Very bad idea, this is eve mate I think you got it all wrong

That being said. Wardec system needs a real rework though because that might be one of the biggest things driving noobs away from this game



Seriously the only way such a place could exist in EvE is to have no bounties, no PI, no materials, drops, etc of anything that is useful to other players or the market. So it would serve no point.

Im not going to be nice like others kinda of have been,
EvE is not for you, GTFO and dont let the door hit you in the arse!


fuking delet dis

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if savespace online was that profitable i do think there must be a game with it out there.
something like farmville just with drones and little naniteswarms and cute asteroids.


well my former post is the stereotypical westerner answer concerning above letter assumung space and action hunt and prey (olympian archetyp wrestling) being the only visual apealing pictures for survival.
it is shurely possible to achieve a mixture of say voyage century online or age of discovery with a space flight style yet the author of the letter might have to design it himself.

So I setup an in your A1 space. I bring in an alt flying a t1 fit ship. I have the alt attack my main. 3 times the value of the ship is deducted from the alt and paid to me. The alt has no isk, but eve allows for negative isk balances, so the alt just goes negative isk. I buy more ships, trade them to the alt, rinse, and repeat.

Gee… This isn’t slan isk printing machine you are setting up at all.


As an eve player, and a dedicated one, reading this thread makes me sad.

Sad, because people like you are ruining the world. Not just EVE online, but the entire world.

I will guaruntee you, that within 1 month, all the bot miners and 20-account multiboxers will be stripping all the belts dry, every day, in 20-man hulk fleets.

Then, your complaint will be “we need more reward, more bigger, better belts, because they all get stripped clean by the time i get there!”

And it will constitute a vicious cycle where you keep asking for more systems, more belts, more ore, while the botters and multiboxers will strip them all dry and make huge profits with ZERO risk.

This idea benefits almost no one, least of all you. Run home, special snowflake. Dont let the door melt you on your way out.


What a badly thought out idea stemming from the fear and hate of the very people driving the need for industry and economy of eve universe.

  • No idea how isk economy works. Suggesting ludicrous isk faucet in terms of insurance fraud. Hyperinflation will devalue everything and maken industry worthless.

  • No realisation that without risks, all the botters multi account users will flood the systems and strip everything dry. That all movement of valuable materials has zero risks means market will be flooded.


I kind of like the idea of a new PVE server. Highsec would be completely safe from player combat. Lowsec and null players could go to PVP. Sometimes I wish I could rat, mission, or mine in peace. Even though I like to PVP as well.

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Seeing you’re proposing a change to the overall game mechanics, I have moved this thread to a more appropriate section.

Fly safe o7

Beeing in an NPC corp and staying in HighSec is peaceful 99% of the time. My carebear alt didn’t run into trouble for a year now. Only thing I do is to look for quite places on Dotlan.


It’s a full-time pvp game. This is necessary for the sanbox and player driven market to work.

What you’re asking for is something fundamentally not eve.


There is already such place, it’s called Azeroth.
Enjoy your WoW subscription.

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Hahahahahaha… hahahahahahahahaha. ha…

EvE is safer now than ever before. HTFU.