Eve isn't dying, but it isn't growing. My answer that devs won't recognize

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Simple… go to eveoffline.net and look at the numbers. Numbers don’t lie. Eve isn’t dying. Eve isn’t growing. It’s in a consistent state of stale. Why? I believe it’s because the dev’s aren’t looking outside of the game at how the gaming industry, in general, finds success.

I could not care less about anyone else’s opinion… do your best…

If I pay $20 a month and ALL progress I have made in the form of collateral can be wiped at any given time in the name of some legendary name like James, or some whale that can gank at will, why would I keep paying you to go backwards? Oh right! It’s part of the game… risk vs. reward your loyal 15k base says… ok… that’s why you’re not growing… keep listening to those 15k and stay right where you are.

I do not play the game like you. You do not play the game like X/Y/Z. YOUR idea of how the game should be played is meaningless because there are 8 billion people on this planet and you aren’t that important. If I want to play a space game that has neutral regions that aren’t PvP focused… then I should… if EvE wants to grow… create opportunities for more gamers that look for more than just pew pew at others.

You could easily create an option, just like with Alpha / Omega that includes Subscribers. Not PLEX’d accounts, but full on subscribers that PAY you to play the game, not just harvest, sell, plex, and never pay anything for the resources they are using on your server. If you had a subscriber level, you could compliment those accounts with cargo / ship recovery on death… If I am paying you to play this game, then let me keep my ships when I get blown up, unless I actively set my safety to red and engage willfully into pvp… It is possible. Again, I don’t care about peoples thoughts on this… this is looking at the future.

There are options other than pretty graphics… people are looking for this kind of game… but not this current community.

Again… I do not care about the hate that I get…i


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A bit early in the day to be fishing for :heart:s, isn’t it Quake?

As for the OP. Didn’t read it. Rants headlined with “This is the first time XXXX has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!” are never worth it.

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If one wants to play the game with the rest of us, you must accept losses from time to time. If there was 100% safe zones those zones must be 100% income, of any type, free. Its a universe economy, any access to wealth in 100% safe zones will devalue all the rest of the universe. If you think there is a problem now with the player numbers, go ahead and devalue the rest of space and see what happens.

Here is a risk free game that you can play and see your numbers get bigger.


I’m a little more generous, I gave it at least a quick scan.

3 repeats of “YOUR opinion is worthless but MINE isn’t” was enough to shut down any processing of the content.

Angry buttheaded rants rarely make for good reading.


i know this is bait but im hungry :slight_smile:

It is a part of the game, maybe even the game. progress without the chance of loss is meaningless. you are paying to play the game not just "make the numbers go up " in a solo player game.

very true

then go play that game, this is not that game, you are in the wrong place. Most people that are EVE players play especially due to the chance of pvp being everywhere and loss being meaningfull. If you want to see what the game you are dreaming about would be then go play on the test server, it has all that you want and is ultimately completely meaningless.

every sub is paid with cash and plexed accounts pay a lot more cash than a yearly sub. i suspect CCP’s accountants are very happy with plexed accounts. its always amazing how many folk dont understand this.

hell no, this is such a bad idea and is completely at odds with a player built economy, built up over 20 years. Will you buy my new ships on the market when yours explode if ccp just gives your ship back, i doupt it. if you valued your ship you would have taken steps to protect it.

then go find the game you are looking for, this is not it. you have the option of tailoring your expectations to the game you are playing or looking elsewhere for another game that plays by different rules more like the ones you seek. Why come here and try to get the game changed into something it is not designed to be which by most folks thoughts over the last 20 years will break the game.


And I stopped right there.


So what is y’all’s favorite kind of wine. I prefer red over white in most instances, and prefer something drier instead of sweet. Unfortunately, on the whole, I find the average white wines are generally better than average, whereas it’s hard for me to find a good red wine.

I don’t know what OP was talking about, got bored, and wondered if anyone else had a palette for wine.


But sir, it could also be that–


Evidently some players—


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Hello Khaldin. On the Server “Singularity” (you can chose Server in the Launcher) runs a round-based EVE-Online in which everything you lose can be restored for just 100 ISK in many stations. Also there are no other players which will shoot you. You can do basically everything you can do on the PvP server, just not shooting other people! Every now and then a new round starts, usually every 3 months. And then you start fresh and can experience even new parts of the game, totally unharmed by others. CCP is with you, thats why they created this extra non-PvP-server for players like you, and your $20 give you full access to it! Try it!


Annnnd you have all proven my point… the measly 15k subscribers that CCP is making all of these decisions…

Again… hows Eve compare to FFXIV or WoW or even Kerbal Space Program or Lost Ark??? Eve is a measly fraction of the players that dump tons of money into those games.
Why? The devs continue to listen to the “loyal 20 year subscribers” who think they should have any say so in how a game progresses.

There is an open area in the market of sandbox games for this type of game I mentioned. See NMS… it’s graphics are bleh to me, I enjoy the actual look of EvE, but millions of people play NMS… compared to the thousands that play EvE… any company who thinks that over 20 years you managed to peak at 60K+ subs online to sustaining 15-20k now is a GOOD model… is a failing company.

Just sad to see… EvE is a beautiful game with so much potential, ruined by good ole’ boys who think the business caters to them.


I would like to know how I can play with Omega and not pay CCP any money, directly or indirectly.


Calm down miner.


What do you think happens to games that stay stale?

Then don’t post your WOT manifesto on a public forum if you don’t want people reading it and form opinions. Saved me from reading any further into your screed with that red flag, so thanks.


This really isn’t the game for you. Most of us manage to succeed in the face of adversity. That is where the real game is.


[quote=“Khaldin, post:1, topic:393694, username:Khaldin”]
I could not care less about anyone else’s opinion… do your best…
[/quote] If that is the case then why post?


I think the reson this is is that the game has its niche. It doesn’t appeal to the same players as Kerbal or WoW. The economy, the spaceships, the lore, and the community is what keeps me hungry. I get that you don’t like losing ships, I don’t either, but this game is built around risk, reward, loss, and careful market analysis. If you don’t like using your calculator/big brain, this game is likely not for you. EVE does not compete against other popular games. I absolutely hare first person shooters, but I love spaceships and the economy, so I go here.

The 20 years thing is the impressive part.

Also, as mentioned, you can enjoy all the scenery in the game and fly all the ships for free on the test server, Singularity. Just buy yourself a month of Omega time for 50,000 ISK.

I get that you don’t like being insulted, but I suspect you did actually care about others’ opinions when you posted this here.

What you can do in the game to ignite its fun again is to learn combat. This game is fundamentally about economy, society, and warfare. Fly into nullsec, make some money, and then spend it by blowing up other people. The reason you feel strongly about a ship is because of how hard you worked for it, and knowing that the other guy also worked hard to get his ship makes that kill all the more exciting. If everyone always got free ships, but the rest of the game stayed the same, it would die in a month, because nothing had meaning anymore.

When you have a realistic economy, realistic losses must happen. Also, the income methods in this game are fun in their own right. The players of this game have a blast targeting defenseless rocks, sitting in space while a timer ticks down, buying and selling stuff while never undocking, manufacturing stuff, and bringing stupidly powerful ships to kill poor helpless NPCs.

I myself do the sitting in space option, but I also scout for fights, navigate lowsec, ship goods around, access LP stores, and do a bunch of math. I love it. If don’t, that’s okay. There are some truly awesome moneymaking methods out there, like piracy, exploration, and mercenary work. You just have to find what’s right for you.

Hope you enjoy reading this, and good luck in your future endeavors. I hope you are open to others’ opinions, because I would love to fly with you in FW space someday.


That isn’t a fact. It’s a question.

Sure you should want it.

At the same time, others:

That’s again not a fact at all. “Easily” isn’t an objective measure.

What’s with the carebears continuing to cry in the forum lately?


Some people rise to the challenge. Some decide to rise up and whine. Still others rise to find a good red wine.


If you want a pretty good cab, check out the Caymus. CS also has a decent one if you’d rather have something in the $25-$30 range.

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