Cargo Expanders

Can we get cargo expanders for the secondary holds like ore etc ?
makes no sence being able to expand normal cargo and not being able to do it on those
make them hard to get tech 2 etc etc etc and more sp heavy but give us the option to do so
even on the rig part would be nice, like something would be nice

Devs like to control special traits on ships so they can try and maintain game balance. Allowing you to add extra Ore hold distorts the purpose of the ship. Plus, where do you draw the line? Do you allow expansion of Fleet hangars? What about Ship Maint Bay? Do you make separate mods for each bay, or does that single Expander add to all of them at once?

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These seems more of a balancing issue with the amount of ore in eve markets.

probably not, most of the dedicated bays are there for specific reasons and are balanced around not having ways to expand them.

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If CCP allowed expanders to work on specialized holds, they would need to reduce the base stats so the maximum remained the same - so you have a decision: more capacity means less of something else - basically what they did with the freighter rebalance a few years ago.

For ore you already have an effective way to increase capacity - it’s called compression. Available free of charge at any public structure with a reprocessing service.

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