Ore Hold Expansion Rigs/Mods

A simple rig to increase the ore hold would be very popular and would be used by many hs miners on barges/exhumers. Im sure theres no real balance/lore reasons for it not existing and im sure that it would be a super easy thing to bring in so perhaps give it some thought?

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This is pretty much what we had before ore holds. Ore was kept in your regular hold and was made bigger with cargo expanders.

Miners didn’t like to have to choose between capacity and tank/yield. So the choice was taken away from them.

As to why not to go back to the idea of using rigs to expand ore hold;

  • It makes mining even more afk friendly and thats bad.
  • ore holds will undoubtedly be nerfed, just like freighters were nerfed when they were given the options of modules. You will likely get little more capacity than you can now but at the larger cost of yield and tank.

ok yeah that makes sence thanks for the quick reply mate o/

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