T3 mining barage

like a startegic crusier but whit core systems for a larger ore hold maybe a mineral bay that lets you reprocess the ore out while mining i dont know what more to add tbh

I’d rather one that worked like a T3 destroyer, with modes.

Defensive… shield and drone bonuses.
Yield… Strip miner and mining drone bonus.
Hauler mode… an example of this ore hold expands to 20k m3 from 10 km3. However, extra ore will be lost if you change away from hauler mode with more than base cargo hold.

balance - you can fill to 10km3 really as quickly as a hulk in yield mode, but yield drops like a stone in either another mode. This will let you choose this ship instead of a hulk in fleet ops, and instead of a mackinaw when mining solo, and gives you a panic mode turns you into a skiff if you get tackled (though you will likely be afk and die anyway) and if you survive you likely lose some ore.

Price the same manufacturing cost as all 3 exhumers combined. Gets a cool transformation like the roqual but compact and awesome.

Possibly let it have a high number of miner 2s instead of 2 strip miners - just to set it apart from other ships.

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