Endurance styled Exhumer

Was playing today in a Worm Hole and had the idea of, a cloaked exhumer.

Was thinking of
2 high slots
Either 2 strip miners or 1 strip miner and 1 covertops cloak (edited with new information)

Few mids

Few lows

2-3 rigs

Give it 200% mining bonus for the single laser
+2 warp core strength.
Bonus for the covert ops
Have barge numbers on hull, armor, and shields to compensate for the cloak.
Would be used for the new moon mining and worm hole mining.
Have only been playing the game for about a year so i would not know how to balance it correctly. Would rely on stealth instead of shields to get in and out. Give it a lower mass and smaller ore hold so it can align around 9-10 seconds. Drone hanger enough for 5 mining drones.
Thinking skiff frame but Convertor’s paper armor and shields.

Might be an interesting idea for us miners that prefer stealth when moving around.
What do you guys think. Is it worth looking into.
Thinking about 800mill to 1bill isk on the price tag to make it worth it only to the ones that need it and not to just anyone.
Adding the ability for new gas huffing modules for this new exhumer might bring more life to WH’s

Personally as a miner i would love to park next to a new moon belt with cloaked hulk while mining but that is a dream and would be so op it would break the game.

It’s a bit of a wet-dream thought for many miners, but there’s a couple design flaws with your idea.

  1. ccp wanted exhumers standardized to 2 lasers, I doubt they’d change that for this, so you’d be looking at 3 highs.

  2. Exhumers dont use turret slots

  3. 200% mining bonus would see it have 21.5% more base yield than a skiff/mack with all skills level 5, and only 13.9% less yield than a hulk. I think you’re going to have a hard time convincing anyone this is reasonable.

  4. Cov ops: you’re intruding on the role of the endurance. This is the specific role of the endurance, I can’t see ccp doing this change.

  5. price point. Price is not intended to be a balancing factor, nor is it going to change whether miners will use it or not. If it’s the safest with superior yield to skiff/mack, people would pay 2b for it. I wouldn’t expect it to cost more than 250m, if it’s an exhumer.

this is a basic idea. and i just relised it is a non turret item. so thats another hole in my idea

I’m not saying it’s a terrible idea, just a number of things that would need to be addressed. That said, aside from hypothetical “this would be fun” scenarios, if you really want to see a ship eventually added to the game, the best way would be to think of a novel concept that isnt already a ship role, and present on the forums to see what people think of that concept, if it’s popular, try to find a csm member to help take the idea to CCP. I don’t think there’s been a single case in the 14 years eve has been around where CCP has taken a player suggestion on a specific ship that includes fitting, but they could be open to ideas for a particular ship role or concept.

thats why i am here to see how feasable it is then shoot it full of holes. see whats left. rebuild it and see how many more holes are left. if it still is swiss cheese. it will stay interesting concept but not practical

exhumer type of sig radius with covert ops cloak
single laser boosted to were it barely touches the slowest barge in m3/s
WH ninja mining or mooning mining
they have battle ships that can use covert ops cloaks. special cases and super hard to come by.
thinking similar with the ops exhumer

It’s called a Prospect.

updated design idea

bonus to covertops cloak.
2 highs
4 mediums
3 lows
2 rigs

align around 10 seconds bare bones
skill lock it behind exhumer 5 and expidention frigate 5
have the mining speed the same as that of the retreiver
and the paper armour of the covetor

Yes, I cant wait to take my prospect ninja moon mining. Cloak, 15k hold, Turrets. Am I missing something? I’ve evaded so many people in WH’s.

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Personally I don’t really see the need for a cover ops Exhumer for WHs. Unless I’m mistaken most WH miners mine in their home hole which affords them the ability to close all of the connections and mine in relative safety. Since there is no need to travel and you cant mine cloaked the cloak really means very little.

For NS or LS since you can’t mine cloaked you are sitting there in a 800mil ship with your balls hanging out for most of the time. If you are using the cloak to move around in hostile space then you are most likely not in Blue NS so you are way less safe when mining (if in Blue NS just JF in the miners and live in 1 system) . To compound the issue you need something to move the Ore, an exhumer (even the Mack) can fill its hold very quickly which would mean you need a Covert Orca , that or light a cyno and jump freight your Ore.

The Prospect gets away with (for gas mining) because gas has a higher value/M3 and the sites move around. Endurance, I only really see that being useful for C13s since nothing else can get in.

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