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So I am working towards what ships I want to do and I recently got my mining barge. And I’ve been playing for about 5 days now. This will eventually fund other escapades but I want to build up the revenue first and I find mining to be incredibly relaxing. Are the exhumers worth using in High Sec mining? I also plan to build into industrial command ships as I am part of CAS and seems to be a good fit for me right now anyway.

While for safety reasons the procurer mining barge is the gold standard, you certainly can get away with flying exhumers. However understand that the more expensive your ship is the more likely you are to be a target for ganks. Most of these ganks can be avoided but only if you are paying attention to your surroundings.

I am currently flying a Retriever in .5 space and not doing to bad for myself in terms of ISK for now, though I am sure it could be better. More curious is an exhumer was really worth it beyond the increased hold, more bandwith for drones and better yield but being that I fly mostly solo for now I didn’t think it was. I just have to be more mindful of my surroundings and keep track of local chat.

Absolutely they are, but it depends on what you are doing and who you are flying with.

A well-fitted Skiff is a pretty tough nut to crack (mine has over 65k EHP, more is possible) and can make a great upgrade for a solo miner (ice and ore). The others need support due to their drawbacks in hold size or tank (or both), so they are best used with Orca and/or fleet support.

Obviously, all standard mining rules apply here (don’t go AFK, watch your local, know who’s around, etc.) but these are very worthwhile ships to fly.

As a 5 day old player, I recommending staying with a Procurer at least until you have the skills to fit T2 crystals. In general, a barge will provide 80% of the functionality of an Exhumer for 10% of the cost. It takes a lot of ore to pay the 225 million ISK cost of a Skiff hull - I’m not sure it ever makes economic sense but, if you want to and can afford it - enjoy! Eve is a game and the ISK isn’t doing you any good sitting in your wallet.


Thanks for the tips! I will be sure to keep it in mind.

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If you are looking to make isk mining, get into the a Procurer that is tanked fitted. If you are solo mining in High Sec a Skiff is the only way to go. The Hulk and Mackinaw don’t have the power or cap to tank much. They are nothing but targets when solo mining. I would tell you to not use tech II lasers unless you know the ore you are going after and that is will be there. If you can not do those things, stay with tech I lasers so you can mine what ever is there. Ship lose will be you number 1 issue in high sec as a solo miner, so tank fit your ships. If your profit is eaten up by replacing ships, it is nothing worth it.

The reason I chose the ship that I did after reviewing EveUni is that it had the largest hold out of the three of them and seemed that it was the easiest to fit at low SP. So I have my strip miners and mining upgrades on it as of right now and it gets the job done. I didn’t tank the Covetor because I couldn’t fit it tanking properly.

I watch local, I use tactical view, I have an overlay for just Player Ships that I keep up at all times. I don’t AFK mine. If someone jumps into the belt I warp out to be on the safe side. For me it is just a matter of map awareness and planning. When I jump to an asteroid I align to the station I have saved. I try to be prepared.

If you are flying a retriever a ganker will get you because Retrievers and Covetors are not good for solo mining. A procurer or skiff is the only way to try to be safe in high sec. You need to find a Industrial Command Ship active player to fly with in the Covetor or Retriever. That way when a ganker comes they can logi your ship.


Thank you for that link!

Mining boosts are everything. You can get over 50% more yield with an Orca command boosts. Find someone in your area who might offer you boosting, or perhaps join a corp that can offer it. I would suggest you offer 10% of your yield (1 load every 10) and negotiate from there. They might also buy all of your ore at a fair price and save you hauling it yourself!

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And a boosted Procurer does better yield than an unboosted Skiff…

That is not true. Orca boosts + the implant only get you to like -36 to -38% cycle time.

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The cycle time max boost is about 41%, the laser range boost is about 70%. While true on paper (41%) the actual real extraction rates will be higher due to all supports that fleet mining with an Orca provides, vs solo mining.

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