Retriever vs Mackinaw

Sorry for this post. I have read posts that kind of cover this. But have just more specific question.
I am using Retriever for mining. Is going to the Mack and using drones worth the effort and get higher extraction? With solid skills (max?) in drones, large ore bay etc… Im assuming this will make more isk?


Mack tanks are quite thin, and with the high cost of the hull it will put a huge gank target on your back. If you want to go Exhumer, go with the Skiff, or better yet train into an Orca.

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Orca will extract more then Retriever?
Will Skiff extract more then Orca?

Barges and Exhumers are better than Orca for solo mining. As Salvador said, flying a mackinaw will put a target on your back. Better to fly skiff.

Personally I prefer a Mack, sure they’re squishy, but the yield is high enough that a gank will barely slow you down. They pay for themselves.

In an ideal situation where you do not lose ships: yes, the upgrade to an Exhumer fom Mining barge will make more ISK.

EVE however is less than an ideal world and you will lose ships. Depending on how often you lose the ship, the upgrade may or may not be worth it.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation where you lose a Mining barge each time it has paid for itself twice. The ganks are annoying, but at least you’re positive in ISK. If you were to fly an Exhumer in this situation to mine a little more yet died at the same rate as the Barge, you would quickly go bankrupt.

If you on average lose the Exhumer before the increased mining rate from the upgrade paid off the increased price, the mining barge will make more ISK. If you die less often than that: go for the Exhumer!

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