Problem accessing expanded cargoholds

(Pookie McPook) #1

Haven’t used them for years but don’r recall having this issue before.

If I fit expanded cargoholds onto a ship I am unable to access the additional space unless I make it the active ship. So, if I am in another ship docked up I am unable to transfer more than the normal capacity into the industrial sitting in the ship hanger. If however I make it the active ship I can tranfer the cargo into it with no issues. If I then move back into the original ship and interrogate the cargohold of the industrial the cargo is all there but only apparently occupying the basic cargo capacity.

(Terak Romaller) #2

Yes. That is a correct summary.
And I sympathise. But I doubt it will be changed.

For a lot of the haulers the cargo size is related to the skills the pilot has - for example the Bestower, a basic Amarrian hauler, has a 5% per skill level (Amarr Industrial) bonus. This is in addition to the fitting she ship has.
I suspect CCP’s developers use a generic container size “this is a Bestower” when the ship is inactive to ease the back-end load when it handling loading - by not having to do a bunch of database accessed and so forth.
When you make a ship active I suspect that’s the only point when the they create a specific instance of a ship with all the characteristics relating to its fittings and the pilots skills.

Eve Online - a single instance covering an entire cluster with all players able to interact at all times - is an impressive achievement, but in matters like this it starts to reveal CCP’s magic.

(Krysenth) #3

Terak has the gist of it. Whenever a ship is not the active ship, it’s stats will go back to defaults, this includes fitting, HP counts, and cargo capacity.

(Uriel the Flame) #4

Not seeing an issue here, if the pilot is not in the ship and piloting it how and why would the pilot’s skills apply to the ship?

(Pookie McPook) #5

I’m not talking about pilot skills here, only fitted modules. In this case expanded cargo holds.

(Uriel the Flame) #6

I was referring to what the first and second replies mentioned.

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