Why doesn't cargo hold expand when capsuleer is not on board?

I have sigil, fitted with 3 cargo optimization rigs and 6 cargo expander low slots. In total, it makes for a total of 15k cargo space, but as soon as I leave the ship, cargo space drops to 2100.

I was going to sit the sigil at the security agent station and dump my loot there as i did the missions, and return it to sell when it’s full.

I know I can just dump the items in the station inventory and later on when there is enough stuff, use the sigil, take the items and go, but i have a lot of other inventory there which i make use of (and there is no option to caregorize station inventory). It becomes a mess really quick.

Is there a workaround to this issue? Is this even by design, because no amount of skill is gonna expand a cargo hold from 2100 m3 to 15000 m3 physically, it doesn’t make sense lore-wise.

Cargo optimization should work even when the pilot is not on board.

Station container/warehouse. Buy it somewhere else packed or construct one yourself at required station and unpack it - with a few of these you can categorize inventory (these containers can be named whatever you want). The major downside is that some actions are unavailable from within a container, like selling or refining.

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That sounds like a glitch.

This has never happened to me.

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Anything that requires skills will not be available unless you are on board the ship.
I believe you need Jury Rigging 1 to use any rigs. The hull bonus and cargohold expander modules also require skills.

So, unless a character with the skills is in control of the ship, that functionality isn’t available.

What you can do is board the Sigil. transfer your cargo and then switch back to your mining ship. Don’t look for rational explanations - it’s a game!

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It’s not like once the cargo hold gets reduced in size, the items get ejected into space or anything.

All the items still remain inside the ship. So what’s the problem here?

Jus board the sigil, click on the other combat ships inventory, move stuff over, then switch back to your combat ship and keep going.

Lore-wise, ships and cargo expanders depend on skills to use, and therefore get deactivated. Makes sense. When you contract a ship over, and for you, it was cap stable, but the other person you traded with has cap stability problems, you can ask the same thing. But it has to be like this.

because the ship only have the bonus from your skills when you are in the ship not when it just sits there

I tend to imagine that, without carefull supervision by the capsuleer, the crew just packs the cargohold with safety-distance to make loading/unloading easyer instead of playing tetris and geting creative ("…put the uranium-ammo into the first-aid-container …and for the toxic waste, I think there is some space left in the rescue-capsules and crew-cabins")

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