Space trailers

Sometimes your cargo hold is too small.
You dont want to get out a hauler, because you only need a little bit more space, so what you need is a small trailer…

ALL stats subject to reconsideration…

My initial thoughts were

small trailer - towable by frigate and dessie, able to carry 250m3 - so for example, a venture could bring some extra mining crystals or a set of gas huffers.

medium trailer - towable by cruiser/battlecruiser - able to carry something like 500m3 or maybe 1000m3 - help with salvaging/looting

large trailer - maybe 3500 to 5000m3 able to carry a reasonable amount of gear, but not enough to negate the use of haulers.

there are some interesting opportunities here…

you might have fitting slots to improve capacity, or tank of the trailer

when under attak, you might drop the trailer to get away

clearly it would have adverse effects on agi, speed, acceleration etx.

you could also put a limit on the time a detached trailer exists

you might also make it impossilble to destry -but able to be hacked (picked?) with a data analyser, before opening.

very early days on this idea, feel free to pull it apart, put it together, and find a way to make it ba
lanced and useful…

It’s called a cargo extender. We don’t need to make an overly complex idea when modules already do the same job.

Rigs and mods for this.

Between t1 exploration frigs and industrials you can hold 400m3 to just under 40km3 with almost no gaps in between.

Rigs, modules and containers are your friends.

Either use a cargo expander, drop a container and offload stuff into it and then come back to pick it up, or be more discerning with what you pick up.

Cargo space is a concern and something you have to fit for. It doesn’t need an easy work around.

Also 1000m3 is not “a little more space” for anything that isn’t an industrial. Most Battleships have less than 1000m3 total cargo capacity, never mind smaller hulls. 5000m3 is more than most Industrials have before modules and more than many have with a full tank fit.