Free to play [Mining Rokh Build] 3500+ Cargo Hold

So I was sitting on 500m ISK and said to my self… “There has to be a better way, right?”
Cargo Space was always the catch. That one thing that made the Venture the better option.
So after toying around with multiple builds I give you this…

I know the mining rate is down without the Mining Upgrades but I feel I maxed its max cargo limit by a good bit.

If anyone feels they can max it further please fill me in.

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Check mining barges. For example Procurer - 16.000m3 dedicated Ore space for mining. Sounds better?

This is meant for Alphas, they can’t fly mining barges.

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I use my “Tayra” to move the cargo. It’s got (33,543.9 m3) so I’m good on the Procurer anyway. Jut find a spot and drop a secure cargo container or if you can’t just pop a can. Your fellow miner normally won’t mess with it. There is a better community now then 16 years ago I tell you what.

What about Venture then? 5.000m3 for Ore. Is Venture available for Alpha? I have never been Alpha…

Yeah, but you can’t fit 8 mining lasers to a Venture.

It’s so beautiful… O.O


You wont make it past the caldari gankers if you even try to go to Jita.

With that ISK you can run incursions and slowly gain ISK to be omega. Or go to NS. Or do LS PVE.

Alphas can’t really do indy also so the ore you mine pretty much is useless and just selling the ore you mine is quite a sad existence. The fun of industry is not the mining. It’s the building! Anyone can mine a rock in any type of space. It’s how you get multiple building components together and delivered in the cheapest way is what makes industry fun to me.

I am 2 jumps from Jita so I think I’ll be fine.

I mean what person would even do that? You know if you pop someone in High Sec CONCORD is going to come after you.

If you don’t think anyone will, you might want to take a step back and re-evaluate. You definitely need to account for someone blowing you up in Highsec, even if it’s just because they can.


Why should anyone use a 500M battleship to make a tiny bit more ISK in highsec, when he could simply use a ■■■■’n cheap Venture and earn double, triple or quadruple the amount by just leaving highsec? It’s beyond me, if you want to be a miner, you should be able to do basic math. And that math dictates that it is absolutely irrelevant if you get blown up 3 times a day in your Venture in a more dangerous area if you have the possibility to mine Gneiss, Dark Ochre, Gas or HighQuality Ice in return. You will still make exorbitant more money, even after replacing the Ventures.


Expand your minds people! Plenty of LS systems that see 0 to few people a day. Many LS areas completely dead. EVE online is primarily a EUTZ game anyways so really after 22:00 alot go to bed.


Ok, that’s cool and all but I have played EvE for like 16 years off and on. If someone want’s to gank me they will pay for it. You think I’m not sitting on everything rom t2 frigs to CN Battle ships? I have done the low sec thing multiple times, but if you count just the venture being blown up you are not counting the waisted time “Buying a new ship and fit, Travel time, Time waisted not mining…” It’s easy to just chill in hi sec and use probes to locate better mining in hi sec.

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I mean, If you are an alpha your goal should be omega. Farm the 1.7b or 1.8b isk you need for Omega then move on with your life. You should never want to just stay as alpha.

That all shows a very narrow-minded approach on the whole activity. If you play the game for 16 years on and off and can use all the T2 stuff and whatnot and still mine in HighSec in a battleship, it is even harder to understand. You should have known by now that highsec mining is among the worst (by far!) acitvities anyone can do in this game, especially when it comes to making profit out of your desired activity.

There is no better tip you can give anyone in this game than to leave highsec and join an industrial corp if you want to be a successful miner!

All those “problems” you mentioned are problems of logistic and organization and all those magically disappear once you start working together in a group of people. There will be spare ships available in the corp hangars, they will have more or less fair buyback-programs for those who can’t afford (time or skill) to do the logistic on their own. Giving away ~10% of your mined Gneiss as “tax” for the Corp while enjoying Fleetboost, Ship Replacement, HighEfficiency rigged CitadelRefineries, Compression and some intel/protection is always an aweseome deal for a solo guy who otherwise yould suck Veldspar 2 jumps away from Jita.

Look, I feel you dude. However my corp died a long time ago. I haven’t been invited to a new one and honestly being solo means I don’t have to meet any ones quota’s or time restraints. I don’t have to worry when I go for months and come back. I owe no one anything. Not isk or my time. Freedom is nice.


Ah the Ol’ days Using BS’s to mine :heart:

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Nasty miners abusing your build for long time will gank you with their alts to make sure you won’t ever try this again and to scare off others who you told this to.

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