Free to play [Mining Rokh Build] 3500+ Cargo Hold

What is the mining yield in m3 per minute ?

Mining rokh worked well for me in 0.0 way back. Decent intel and you could pack it up with roams called out with advanced notice.

All the belt rats and such tied up…strap on some mining lasers and a scout alt hops in a hauler.

While a pita, it paid well hitting fat high ends in 0.0.

I Mixed that with ye old 425 rail I “compression”…and there was empire transport covered decent too.

Not true, if your alpha your goal should be to find what you enjoy and create another screenshot to share like the one you had above that you had quoted “It’s so beautiful… O.O”


This! I have a friend that just scans for drones in hisec when they play. They enjoy it so there really is no need for omega.

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