New Player wanting to get into Hauling #SpaceTrucker

Hello New player here 0/

I was on all night messing with mining and selling to get a hauling ship.

I currently have a Badger with 7,805.6 m3

What should i be doing to get started?
was looking at courier contracts but i couldnt do them since i dont have the cargo space.

If anyone has things to move that could do my cargo space i would be happy to help

most capsuleers use jump freighters to move big hauls thru space

a tayra or a bestower with expanded cargohold ii could make your cargohold around 20k and you can move hauls like minerals or ammunition through space

the easiest way is to buy from low security space and haul to jita and sell there and you would double your isk if you not shot down on your way

i have some cargo i might need help hauling ill message you in game when i can

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Oh a Tayra i just bought one of those

headed to the station to pick it up

All skills needed for the industrial, plus extended cargo II, can get you just shy of 40,000m3. I think mine is 39,994m3. There is another extended cargo hold. But its blingy

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oh wow need to start making isk then for the expanded ll currently can hold 14k with the 1 version

a fully cargo expanded hauler is really easy to kill and people will try to kill you if your cargo is valuable. I’d suggest fitting the smaller haulers with some tank, most of them have at least enough fitting for a large shield extender and a few resist mods.

Also on trade hub stations I’d make an insta undock bookmark so you can undock and warp to the bookmark and no one can lock you if you warp quick enough. In jita this is pretty easy as there’s a moon out in front and you can warp to it and drop a BM somewhere inbetween the station and moon. An instant dock bookmark is nice to have too. This is a bookmark inside the station’s docking radius. In jita I have mine right on the undock.

Looking at a longer term I highly recommend the blockade runners and deep space transports.

Blockade runners are small, fast, can warp cloaked, and best of all can’t be cargo scanned. These are great for high value small volume loads. I do most of my hauling in one of these. 5,000 m3 is 1,000 of most t2 items. With a cargo fit you can get these up to around 10,000m3 which is nice to carry a cruiser hull.

Deep space transports can move 60,000 m3 in a fleet hangar (with transport ships 4) plus a bit more in their cargo bay. They can also be fit with a bunch of tank, and use the MWD+Cloak trick to move through most systems. When I have a bunch of stacks of cheapish things to move I’ll take a DST.

anything bigger I make a courier contract, I have a few freighters, but I almost never use them. I evac’d some stuff from one of the perimeter trade citadels but that was the first and last time I used a freighter that I can remember. I used to build battleships and needed to haul minerals/ships often, but that was years ago.


If you really want to get into hauling, like really into it, long term you’ll want to be able to pilot freighters, orcas, and blockade runners.

The starting hauling industrial ships are cheap and can carry a bit with cargo expanders installed – but they are not defensible or worthy of carrying anything important.

The next step up, deep space transports, require a bunch of training but gives you at least a decent ship to work with. You do have to decide whether to fit for tank or speed. In general, you will want to fit for speed with just enough tank to get through an initial volley or two. And, you’ll want maybe some initial stabilizers and another warp stabilizer. Then just learn how to align->microwarp->jump in high sec.

Long term, the viator lets you fly cloaked while warped. The freighter lets you have a 500K+ EHP tank while carrying 387K m3 cargo, and the orca has multiple cargo/ship/ore bays for excellent versatility and tank (almost as high as freighter, but so much more useful). The orca does have much less cargo space than the freighter.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me in game.


If you’re flying a T1 industrial, be extremely careful, and don’t carry anything worth more than 100m isk or you’ll get ganked. Some gankers will even pop T1 industrials without bothering to scan you, as gank-fit destroyers are dirt cheap and they wanted to pop you before someone else does.

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Maybe i should add in that im Alpha Clone atm testing the ropes still so i know i am limited to alot

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