How do you transport more?

Sometimes I create a thread that could otherwise be googled…because it’s a fun topic.

Anyway. How does everyone else transport more stuff? What’s the practical limit on m3?

I want over 50000m3 a haul…suggestions?

Freighters transport about 1 million m3 with Freighter 4, give or take a bit depending on which race. That’s the best your going to get. Around 1.25 million is the hard cap with Freighter 5 and faction expanded cargo holds. This is intentionally kept below 1.3 million which is the size of a packaged capital ship. (capital ships are not meant to be able to be transported packaged)

As usual, answer is it depends.

Get a bigger ship
Add cargo expand modules and rigs
Max out skills

For non capital hauling there are specialized ships for ore, PI materials, etc. that at max skills get a little more than 60k m3.

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60k m3 just isnt enough.

But regarding the freighter I keep reading there’s a price cap before you are a gankers harlot?

How survivable are freighters? DST are most survivable right?

I’ve heard of many fit ideas to improve survival.

In HS what’s recommended?

Best option for under 60k m3 is a dst. Bustard is my call, almost ungankable, warp core bonus, awesome bonus to resistances and shields, at transports lv4-5 can haul about 50-60 k m3 . Also thecargo is in fleet hangar, Wich can’t be scanned.

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This is news to me. How does that influence HS suicides? Do they not try or always try assuming you got something good in there?

Usually my ship requires a small fleet taken out in hisec, cause it’s heavily shielded even without modules. With modules resistances are 70-80 %. also the ship has +2warp core strength, if you fit 2stabs you have +4 core strength Wich will require 3 tacles to disrupt you if I’m not mistaken. All that and it will be a blind gank, cause they can’t scan the fleet hangar so 99,99% of the times they don’t even try

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For a freighter in high sec you generally become a profitable target at over 1 bil isk cargo value, however there are plenty of players who will gank or bump/hold hostage empty freighters. Safe use requires a friend/alt that can scout gates and provide stasis webs to your ship in order to get into warp faster. Outside of the trade routes between Jita/Amarr/Dodixie etc you can get away with much more cargo.

In game chat channels that give useful info:
Haulers Channel

It’s incorrect. It used to be that way, years ago, but pretty much all holds except maybe the drone bay are now revealed by cargo scanners.

Really? I could bet fleet hangar could not be scanned. You sure?

Also that ship can warp in a single MWD trick cycle, so very hard to get bumped(think it’s 10 seconds)

Yes, this was changed in 2012 in the Retribution patch:

  • It is now possible to scan all transported items in a ship with a cargo scanner, including items in the fleet hangar, the ship maintenance bay, the drone bay, and various specialized holds.

Blockade runners are immune to cargo scans, however.

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Well good to know , but they still don’t try xD

My understanding is that you can fit stronger points? Up to -10s?

At what point do suicide gankers not try to warp scram you?

Sorry not sure what y meant to say , English not my main language

Am I mistaken that you can fit a warp scrambler that is -10 points?

So do suicide gankers just use one of those or too costly?

Not worth it to get -10, as it will require 10 low slots ( Wich is impossible) better to focus on tank, and fit 2 stabs to take care of the ocasional tacker. Also they will gank you only if they see it worth it or if you piss them enough like I do sometimes xD

Blockades are not immune and a worse choice, they may just shoot you for giggles in the hopes of a drop…like a pinata. Buddy of mine has his Viator shot at twice, he was AFK with nothing heading away from Jita but they failed and where destroyed while they put him on a contact watch list; sent an auto mail (how stupid is that?). Second time he was just undocking and aligning…BOOM! Nothing of real value, maybe 50 mill in stuff he needed for an alts ship. Not saying a Blockade is the protected, they will just shoot it like a lottery and hope to win a prize.

If he was undocking at jita, all he must do is to save a spot few hundred km away right in the station exit vector, so when undock just warp to it, it will be instant.( 1-3 secs top)

The guy said they are immune to scanning not ganking

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