Looking for hauling/freight advice

I am looking for advice in earning ISK through cargo hauling. I am Freighter capable this weekend and for now I wanted to learn the ropes with this. Any information and advice would be welcome.

Thank you

I tried this out in 2019 when my hauler alt got into a freighter.

My thought was that I could pick up contracts to get paid a little and fill up my hold when I was moving my own stuff. I didn’t do it much or for long. Here is what I learned (keep in mind this was three years ago, things may be different now).

  1. If you get ganked you lose the collateral as well as your freighter. So have enough ISK to replace both.

  2. Gankers seemed to be drawn to the shrink wrap. Almost like a “surprise toy inside”.

  3. Fit for tank and align time. For the love of your mother don’t use cargo expanders. Have a web/loggie alt or a scout, or both.

  4. Be careful when you take public contracts. When I did this it was a thing for people to post “bait” contracts.

  5. A lot of public contracts offer pay that don’t amount to beans. The big freight services already work pretty cheap and have a good reputation. It’s hard to compete.

  6. If you really want to be a space trucker consider working for PushX or one of the “frog” services. They have nice tools, probably more profitable and less hassle than doing it on your own.

I didn’t do it long. The risk / reward situation at the time didn’t work for me. However that was three years ago. It seems like high sec ganking was more popular then so it may be different now.

Hopefully you get someone with more and more current experience to reply, but I thought I would share my thoughts anyway

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