I am fairly new and looking into hauling but I don’t see any part of the forum for it. I see PvE, PvP, Mining, Science, etc but nothing about hauling. I went into the industry forums and did not see anything abut hauling there either.

Googling, I have found many posts but most are quite old and may contain a lot of obsolete information. I was hoping to find a section that haulers frequented so I could find out more about the current state of hauling, pros and cons, hauling corps, etc. Where is the best place to look?

I guess it depends if you’re hauling other people’s cargo or you’re trading between hubs.

Other people’s cargo and stuff mainly.

Then it depends on your risk appetite. Hauling between the National Trade Hubs (Jita, Dodixie, Hek, Rens, Amarr) can be high-reward but you also incur a higher risk of getting ganked.

Trading between Regional Trade Hubs is a moderate risk/reward situation.

Then you’ve got your specialist contracts which involve navigating private fleet cargo operations and these people are usually nul-sec based and won’t deal with people they don’t know.

Finally, you can contact corporations you know have logistics issues and offer to aid in their operations.

I was just hoping that Eve Forums had a subforum or something that I was missing since they seem to have subforums for the other Eve jobs/skills/professions/playstyle or what ever the term is in Eve. I have read a lot about the basics as I am an avid google user. I guess since it is a highly dangerous thing, maybe it is not discussed publicly like PvE/PvP/Mining etc are. :frowning:

Thank you for your responses btw!

Drop into my personal channel in-game ‘Flying Squidwolf’ & I’ll put you in touch with a few haulers I know.

I have joined the channel, thank you!

The world of space trucking is a quiet one.

You can have some success as an independent by lurking in the haulers channels in game, but you are best off to get in touch and offer freighter services for groups like Red Frog/Black Frog and PushX to get started in the career.


You can also offer your services to the Elite Alpha community: just type ‘elite alpha’ in the searchbox for chat channels and it should come up.

It’s an open channel for players to get together and help new players or just have a chit chat and offer tips/services.


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