Hauling for profit

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if this is the right place for this but I am looking for pilots in New eden for
for whom I can do regular courier flights to earn enough isk for Plex.
The price basis is negotiable.

I would be very happy to hear back :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Courier is a decent profession. Though you need some skills, a lot of free time, and a ton of liquid ISK that you are gambling with every time you undock.

Maybe try signing up with one of the established courier corps. Learn the ropes before heading out on your own.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


ive answered you on the german post alreads so i will give a short answer :wink:

i dont think you can get enough contracts outside of an alliance or one of the big “neutral” logistic services ( pushx / [insert colore]frog to pay your monthly sub.

btw … you need better ships and fits then these xD Tayra | tlhIngang De’vID | Killmail | zKillboard

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Join Haulers Channel ingame for regular hauling work and help and advice from professional freelance haulers.


Thanks but when i search for “hauler” theres nothing.

Do they have another name?

In case you tried to look up a corp in-game with that name he meant an in-game chat channel instead, if you type it exactly as he wrote Haulers Channel then it should work, there is no search function fort this if I recall correctly, but if you or he made a typo it will not work.


You’d have to look for specific ships or ship classes.

Like google transports, hauling orca, or based off km tayra fits

That tayra fit off top my head is…something.

SOP “hauler” fits are for lows DCU II and nano. DCU is ehp booster that effects all 3 tank layers. Nano is faster aligns.

Warp stab if 3 or more slots. Crane (tayra’s t2 sibling is 2 slots.

Mids medium shield extender and hardeners/passive resists. Volley insurance. It can still be volley’d by the dedicated but its better than nothing.

A slightly more ‘right place’ for this would likely be in the Industry or perhaps even Corporations forums, but no harm done. You won’t drum up any business here but that’s ok.

In EVE you’re best off learning the various ways to get solid information on what you’re looking for, quickly. For instance, google “Eve online hauling courier corps” will find you some links like this:

with good information for you a couple posts from the top.

It also helps to math out your goals and see if they’re practical. A little research will tell you that hauling typically pays about 1 million ISK per jump, and Plex is currently 5 million ISK. So you’ll need a hauling contract for 5 jumps to buy 1 Plex. Or 2,500 successful jumps to get Omega for a month with Plex.

Any decent-paying hauler contract is going to charge a hefty collateral fee, and you’ve already seen that you’ll get nuked from time to time. Every haul you get nuked on will set you back hundreds of millions if not a billion.

Hauling is more than simply sticking a bunch of cargo expanders on and jamming your holds full. That just makes you a space piñata. You’ll need other avenues of ISK earning to get started.

A lot of newer pilots think they’re going to find a way to “earn their Omega” through ISK in-game. TBH you’d be much better off finding the things you actually enjoy doing in the game. Start out doing those as Alpha clone or buying a 3-month sub on sale or something (there’s some good packs on sale right now). It’s not so good to start turning EVE into a very low-paying second job right off the bat.


Yep. the path to isk to play but hating what you are doing mostly…it can be a dark path. Been there. And progressive. If I start +1 accounts, make more money to plex that too! then its 3.

Cool for those that like it. In time I found I now had a 2nd job lol. Not for me, others ubu applies ofc.

Some ways to look at this is the cost a few drinks on a night out…

Fine stuff…but it technically is urinated away by the end of the night and first run next morning lol. At least the sub money has left 29 days left to amuse a person lol.

You can haul with Safety.

Just play EVE, try many different things. Don’t concern yourself with earning enough ISK to plex cause you won’t.

You would need roughly 75+ million a day for 30 days solid to afford enough for PLEX prices - that’s a second job you don’t earn a RL wage for.

And that kind of money is more the danger zone haulers. Jump freighters and such. And stuff like that being honest…is not solo friendly. Maybe in some alliances you get the trusted 1 dude operations.

BArring that, I’d pay for say push x hauling. Its not even the collateral bit, you can do that with independents as well. Its push x and others…know what they are doing.
they have the staff to go dude, these systems went to hell atm. Find detours.

Collateral is less a concern for me. I actually want my gear getting to the station lol. So that I then can get it blown up myself lol.