What else can a hauler do?

I want my pilot to earn more money but almost all courier contracts have a huge collateral and agency distribution missions have a tiny pay. What else can I do to earn ISK?

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Diversify your income.
Try some Planetary Production, try some marketeering, give PvE a shot and hunt down some NPC pirates. EVE is a huge game, and you should be trying out every aspect of the game. Don’t limit yourself to just a small niche of public courier contracts.

If you absolutely want to be a hauler and nothing else, look at corporations such as RedFrog/BlackFrog, PushX, etc. and join them to take advantage of their regular customers. Or start your own corporation and advertise your shipping and hauling services at competitive rates.


If you want to make stupid amounts of money with a hauler, max out NPC mission/hauling skills and do LvL 4 hauling missions in LS. Easily make 40-80M an hour with minimal risk. If you are really good (and lucky), maybe even double that.

*** disclaimer ***
This excludes the time to change the LPs to something else and also assumes you are flipping for good things. Also, it’s in LS so…pucker-up! But the ship is dirt cheap so if you go boom then meh…

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Even in highsec you can do quite well with level 4 distribution missions if you run them in a fast ship like a Blockade Runner. A lot of the value is in the loyalty points so train the distribution connections skill. I traded my LP for faction blueprints and made a lot of ISK selling the ships and modules - some of them are very profitable, even if you buy the tags.

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