How can I fly courier jobs for an alliance or corp?

Hello, is there any way for for me to do courier flights for my alliance or corp to earn isk?

If so, where do I have to report?

Thank you

Someone in your alliance or corp would have to set up courier contracts for you to complete.

Or, you can talk to your leadership / CEO and they may be able to reach a private arrangement with you.


I believe there was a corp dedicated to courier work some years back - they might still be going. They are called Push Industries if I recall correctly - maybe give them a look?

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In fact this is their website: Push Interstellar Network (

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If you are in an npc corp then look for an agent that does courier contracts


I’m in a pilot corp and I’m wondering if I would have to change corp if I wanted to work for any pilot courier service in Eve, for example. Because I think I already found a service, unless you have any suggestions for other services that could exist in Eve.

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That would be one possibility, do you know of any others?

I do not but I’m sure there are others out there.

I think, from memory, what the likes of Push will do is suggest you train up a new character or existing character in an NPC corp and use them for all the courier jobs you take with them. Otherwise, a pirate could simply look for players who are in a courier corp and track them, knowing they are likely to be hauling some very tasty loot.

So, join the corp with your main character maybe and have an NPC corp character do the actual courier work.

Hope that helps and let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

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