[Push Industries] New Eden's premier freight corp is looking for more haulers!

Push Industries is looking to expand our roster of skilled and professional pilots! If you’re looking to make dank ISK, RP as a smelly space trucker (showering optional), or just dip your toes in the world of hauling, make Push your new home!

Push is currently in high need of freighter pilots specifically, though BR/DST pilots are still welcome to apply.

About Us:

PushX has been providing fast and affordable freight services to New Eden since 2011. Our elite team of haulers moves everything from Interceptor contracts to Jump Freight contracts on a daily basis, and we pride ourselves on fantastic customer service.

Hauling in Push is a unique environment that provides ample opportunity for personal improvement as a pilot, and more importantly, personal improvement for your wallet!

Getting started as a professional hauler has never been more easy or rewarding.

What Should I Expect While Hauling For Push?

  • An environment that affords you independence to haul as often as you do or don’t want, there are no quotas!

  • Friendly corp mates to BS with, or help you out if you need it.

  • An incredibly robust set of internal tools to help you haul!

This really deserves it’s own description… We have a series of web tools available to our haulers which is capable of a huge range of tasks. You can find contracts along your route or near your location, open/accept/complete contracts right from the web app, and even send out an Eve mail when you deliver your package!

  • An always active and packed contract queue. You will never have a shortage of packages to move.

  • Amazing ISK earning potential. Many of our haulers routinely make 2-5 billion ISK per week.

That Sounds Great! But What Are The Requirements To Join?

We try to keep the requirements to a minimum so that as many people can experience this awesome side of eve as possible. That being said, there are some requirements in place that have to be there for safe hauling practices…

Requirements are as follows:

  • You must have 2 active omega accounts.

This is a typical requirement of any hauling corp you will find. Contracts are accepted on one character and then subcontracted to your hauling character. This is done primarily to avoid war decs impacting our freight.

  • You must have a hauler capable of flying, and must own at least one of the following…

Freighter - Any racial freighter is acceptable.

BR & DST - Any racial transport ship is acceptable. T1 Industrials are not.

Jump Freighter - Any racial JF is acceptable.

  • At least 1 Billion ISK available for collateral.

Wow, That Was Easy! How Do I Join?

Just head over to our recruiting page and follow the instructions!

The application process can take from 1-7 days depending on how many applicants that we currently have, and requires a full API key for your contractor account, and your hauler account.

If you’re looking for more information, or want to chat with one of our awesome recruiters in game, join the channel “PX HR” and someone will help you out!
You can also PM myself here , leave a comment below, or hit us up in game by contacting…

CoCoChanel or Slayalot Al

You can even join our public Discord, which has a lot of great information in the #motd channel: https://discord.gg/Gu6hWH6


  • What amount of the reward does the hauler keep?

All of the reward and there is a 3% weekly dues on the haulers contract rewards per week.

  • How much ISK can I make?

That depends entirely on your activity level. See our rates and quotes at our website. https://www.pushx.net/

  • Is there a certain monthly contract quota I have to meet?

There is no specific quota but if a member becomes inactive they are eligible for removal. Usually 1 or 2 months of no hauling activity is considered inactive.

  • Am I allowed to auto-pilot?

PushX does not allow autopiloting. We are an at-the-keyboard hauling corp.

  • Does PushX offer insurance?

PushX does not offer insurance. Push haulers are expected to follow safe hauling procedures to protect themselves and their assets.

Hope to see you all in game, and fly safe! o7

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