[PushX] Professional Hauling Service - Looking for Pilots!

Hello New Eden and Fellow Capsuleers o/,

Are you looking for a consistent stream of courier contracts for a way to make some of the best isk/hr possible with your freighter pilot? PushX is once again looking for haulers to join our ranks!

Recruitment is open and we are seeking freighter pilots (DST, BR, and JF skills are a welcome addition)! If you’ve been thinking about getting into hauling and courier service, there’s no better time or group of people to do it with! If you have questions, come chat with us on Discord!

Recruits can expect a timely response within a couple days!


Who We Are:

Push Industries is proud to set the bar for hauling as one of New Eden’s leading freight services. Not only do we offer the widest range of freight classes available; but our customers know that our service comes with reliability, accountability, and friendly customer service. Quality hauling doesn’t happen by accident: PushX also curates the most comprehensive wiki on hauling in Eve (https://wiki.pushx.net/), and our haulers follow the best practices of asset safety.


Pushers benefit from:

  • Access to a queue of contracts
  • No quotas or mandatory ops - Real life comes first, haul when you want, and as much as you want
  • Profitability - Pushers keep their contract rewards and only pay 3% in dues
  • A user-friendly, comprehensive system that tracks your contracts and helps plan efficient routes
  • A welcoming, neutral, and drama-free atmosphere
  • An experienced, knowledgeable group ready to help you succeed as a professional hauler
  • Incentive programs including medals (rewards) and a daily hauling bonus
  • Opportunity for Progression: Grow your fleet, and move up in the corp’s ranks


The PushX Wiki: https://wiki.pushx.net/

How to Apply: Recruiting - Push Industries Wiki

PushX In-Game Recruitment Channel: PushX Recruitment

PushX Website: https://pushx.net

Got questions or want to meet some of the team? Join our Discord: PushX

Check out feedback from our customers: [SERVICE] [PUSHX] Push Industries - Hauling service


Remember: Don’t Move It; PUSH It!

We look forward to talking with you!


Fly safe o7,

Hande Haginen
Personnel Director
Push Industries


Greetings aspiring space truckers o7

I am a long time citizen of new eden and I have done many different things in my time here. As hauling is one of the activities I have enjoyed the most and that gave me the most satisfaction, I recently rejoined PushX after having been away for some years.

I started hauling back in the day doing public contracts and trying to find work in the Haulers Channel. It pretty soon became clear to me that joining a hauling corp was the best way to make a living as a hauler. Not only is there a steady stream of contracts that are safe to haul and provide fair rewards. You also get access to the tools you need to plan your routes efficiently and maximize your income/h. You get to be part of a group of very experienced haulers and there will always be someone on hand to offer advice or help if you run into any sort of problem.

Joining a hauling organisation is the best way to become a professional hauler… but why did I join PushX?
Because PushX gives opportunities that the competition just doesn’t. PushX offers premium services in the form of higher than standard collateral and/or higher than standard volume contracts. These contracts can be very lucrative. Furthermore PushX also offers the widest range of services. You may enjoy flying your massive freighter around but sometimes it’s a nice change of pace to hop in your Blockade Runner or Deep Space Transport and run a few small or X-small contracts. The more adventurous haulers can look forward to using those BR and DST to haul goods in or out of Pochven and Thera.
In other words: In PushX you’ll do more than autopilot your freighter from point A to point B. :wink:

Does the thought of being a hauling professional appeal to you? Do yourself a favour and take the time to go through the PushX Wiki. (Particularly the part about asset safety) and come have a chat in our public Discord. We have a drama free environment full of friendly space truckers and we’re looking forward to adding YOU to our ranks.

Fly safe! o7
Usa Hanomaa


I joined PushX recently after getting into hauling and running contracts from the in-game hauling channel, and after enjoying this for a couple of weeks started to look for a more professional and lucrative option.

If you enjoy hauling and want to have access to a very active contract queue with some great rewards, PushX is the place to be! There is a real focus on providing great customer service, and this approach pays dividends in the repeat business from clients that we see.

Very friendly atmosphere, lots of help and advice available from a pool of very experienced haulers, come and join the team :slight_smile:

PushX Wiki


Why should you starting hauling ? And wouldn’t you need a ton of skill points ?

Well as many others I tried the public contracts and in the end accepted a contract ment to lure a new player out in low sec , to get killed. So many of the public contracts hauling is scam , yes some are, and some are just fine. Its just hard as a new player into hauling to spot it.

So whom to go learn from when just poking your nose into this ? Well PushX started out when I first joined them 5 years ago, and they put a great effort into helping out new haulers , teaching them the tricks , how to spot scam contracts and how best to avoid getting ganked loosing the customers cargo.

You dont need to be a pro to join and get started, they will help you all the way. The best ISK made doing Freighter and then BR / DST in between. Its a steady income and from there if you wish to expand into the heavy and more expensive haulers such as JF you can .
Also you will still have time to do other things in EVE, there is no strict codec on how many contracts you need to do a day, just help out when you can.

So come along, give it a try! You most likely have the skills needed to start as a hauler , firstly Freighter and then BR or DST:

BR and DST skills needed


We are still actively recruiting! Join our team and be a part of providing exceptional courier service for handsome rewards!

I’m a newer PushX member. Been hauling, pretty casually, for a couple months now.

Great group of people, very helpful answering questions from the rookies, and we all have a good time on the discord. The tools used to work with the contracts are incredible. I can’t imagine hauling without them!

I’m very casual, and the group is supportive of that. We have some hard core space truckers, and a couple like myself that haul hard one day, then maybe nothing for a week. Or maybe I jump on and haul for an hour or two a couple nights. It’s all very flexible, and for me personally that’s huge. A lot of money cab be made if you want though!

Highly recommend if you are all interested in hauling, or learning to haul. Stop by the discord, ask questions, and apply if it seems interesting.


I’m flying with these guys for almost two years and I love it! Learned a lot, real hauling professionals are here!


Business is still going strong! Are you ready to push your hauling career to the next level? Check out our requirements to join and if you’d like, have a chat with us in Discord!

Recruitment remains open and wait times are low for prospective haulers. Hear back from us within 48 hours!

Do you enjoy hauling? Searching for something more than hub to hub trading? Consider joining Push Industries a professional hauling corporation providing courier service to all of New Eden!

Curious about professional courier service and tired of public contracts? Join our Discord and have a chat!

Want to become a space trucker and earn some sweet ISK? Always wanted to keep the supply lines of industry giants running? Visit our Discord to find out how!

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It’s been over 2 years since I’ve been hauling for these professionals. The help, community and friendship you receive in this group is amazing. If you’re looking for a consistent flow of work to keep your wallet alive, come by and check what requirements are needed to join.


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Our contract queue is as active as ever! Have you been debating on joining a professional hauling corp? There is no better time to join than now!

Want to visit lots of different spaces, carrying cargo and enjoying the views of the spacelanes? Get your cute behind into a Freighter and join today!

The courier business is booming! Be a part of the backbone to the Eve economy by joining Push Industries!

We are still Pushing strong as one of if not the largest courier service in New Eden!

Check out our Reddit recruitment post: (8) [PushX] Push Industries Professional Freight Service - Looking for (more) Haulers! : evejobs (reddit.com)

Give us a shout if you are interested or have questions!

Have a hauler? Have a freighter? Want to make some extra ISK? Come join us in the space lanes!

Do you want to be one of Santa’s helpers in New Eden? Help us deliver packages and make people happy! See OP for requirements and links that help you get on board!

Here’s our newest recruitment post on Reddit if that’s more your thing: https://www.reddit.com/r/evejobs/comments/zn53tg/pushx_push_industries_professional_freight/

Fly safe o7

I joined PushX earlier this year and the team were great at getting me up to speed with how to operate and helping me learn jump freight gameplay for the first time.

PushX doesn’t just feel like EVE enjoyment, it feels like an EVE family.

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