Bulk Haulers

Just a thought, is there any way of developing a High Volume hauler?
not asking for a lot, just something that will carry 150,000 m3 with out having to break out a Frieghter.
There is nothing middle of the road here. it’s either 65,000 m3 or 1 million m3.

If I wanted to move 20,000 Fuel Blocks I would need to make 3 trips in a buffed hauler or break out the Fenrir which is way over kill. Mind you, I could risk using my JF at 300,000 m3 and risk 15b isk going up in smoke gate hoping, or use an Orca, which at that point I would be better off carrying the items there myself it would be faster.

Not asking much, just a shinny new hauler for Christmas, I will even make it myself, I am fantastic with Lightwave 3D and photoshop.

Thanks for listening

Looks like you’re making three trips…

The orca can be fit as a mini freighter. 10s align time with a a mwd


I mean? We have BR’s (approx 10k m3) then DSTs (65k m3 with skills)?

For me I don’t see the need but that is just me. 10k and 65k are great numbers. So yes you would be making 3 trips or using a second account that can also fly a deep space transport. If you wanted to haul all that fuel.

I think this is a very good idea.

They should also give them at least 500,000 EHP in order to be grief-proof.

Orca is that middle road and as others have said, you can make it align in 10 seconds. Any hauler with that sort of cargohold is going to be slow, that’s just game balance.

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I wouldn’t say all that much EHP maybe 40k, no more than any other hauler.
I mean I get it, the idea is to keep you in space long enough to get blown up. But honestly danger doesn’t exist around every corner so it’s kinda exhausting to just keep going back and forth.

So which is it? Danger doesn’t exist around every corner? Or your JF is going to get nuked?

I totally get what you are saying, and if your game play is just shooting at stuff then yeah, hauling materials around isn’t a part of your routine. but if you actually produce things in the game then yeah, hauling is a staple of the game play.
Also 20k is not a lot of fuel when you are talking about fueling stations or doing Reactions.
When I go on fuel making binges I make 144k blocks at a time. that’s a minimum.

Dont try and point type me, your skills arent that good…
the key word you missed was “Risk”
I am guessing English isn’t your first language

Absolutely, no one is arguing that in fact I believe I said that exact thing, The Orca is slow and not meant to be a hauler . . ** tap tap, is this mic on . .
And why would you want to make an Orca align in 10 secs? how much tank are you giving up in order to do that.
Did you start reading in the middle of this thread?

Web alt + cloak and MWD. You don’t have to give up any tank…

Absolutely, I guess the idea idea is to use a ship actually built for hauling.
If they can Nerf the Muninn and add a boat load of “Navy” version vessels to the game.
I am sure they can through in a hauler that can carry over 100km3 worth of materials.
Don’t know why this concepts offends so many people . . lol

nothing is grief proof in highsec

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The main reason that most players ask for new ships is because they are risk averse, lazy, or both. Sorry, but that’s the hard truth. There are several options available to you, you just refuse to use them, either because they are “too slow” or “too expensive”…

Honestly I don’t need a forum troll telling me about the hard truth.
I know you, we have but heads before, you are just a shill for ccp with a 5 year old account in an NPC Alliance.
All your posts here on this board are irrelevant
now that is some hard truth. I told you before, your skills are weak.

Uh oh, looks like I struck a nerve. When someone resorts to direct, personal attacks, it’s usually because I’m right. Enjoy your multiple trips… :wink:

I live in NullSec so this part is irrelevant

no such thing as lazy in this game . . also another irrelevant sentence

I have mostly all types of hauling ships in this game, just another round of info you are absent of that makes your posts irrelevant

Yeah I agree with the entire personal attack thing
It must suck to be so irrelevant.