Freighter vs Orca

So I’m getting tothe point of my next phase of development…and I dont know when path to start…

Do I want to go a shorter skill training time for an inferior hauler but more versatile ship? The Orca?

Or do I want to go a longer training time and get to freighter?

Are there any alternatives between these two?

It depends on what your long time goal is.

The Orca ist of course a very versatile ship, it can be fitted vor over 250,000 cubic meters of ore, or 80,000 for any other goods. It can be tanked up to 500,000ehp. And with a 500mn mwd it can reach warp speed in about 10 seconds.

Freighters are good for hauling up to 1.2 mill cubic meters. My fastest haulerpilot can reach warp in a charon in about 16 seconds.

Orca if you are hauling relatively low volume stuff. Fit it for tank.

What can be safely hauled though? I know for suicide ganks it works out to something like 8000EHP per 80million isk?

Volume is more than DST. But as much as I can cram in

80,000 m3 vs ~450.000 m3. There is nothing to compare. Only lack of game mechanics knowledge.

Orca can be small step before freighter. But nothing in comparison.


Orca has decent EHP and reaches 140,000m3 if you fit it for cargo space and shield resistance.

More ehp than a dst by a lot.

I should specify this is for High Sec leg only.

I wont be bringing either ship into lowsec.

Orca is safer than a DST in high sec because of the cheap, freighter level tank. Hauling 1B worth of PI products? I’d go with my 500k EHP Orca.

But why not just double the training time and get the freighter?

It seems only about a month of training…orca is only 13 days…

Tht to me is the trade off cuz I want to get done training for haul train more pvp

Maybe cheap is important too. Off Hand I dont know what the full fit T1 freighter price is. 2b?

Orca is like 900m

I went with both, different alts.

i know this is your favorite answer but “it depends”.

The Orca can fit a much smaller amount of materials, but it can MWD to quickly get into warp without using an alt for the web trick.

The freighter, well it can turn 20 trips into one well planned trip.


I’m bulk hauling so its linear…

If one has 100000m3. Andthe other has 400000m3

Then I save 4 trips.

Over DSTs about 60,000m3 if you sacrifice tank to 65kEHP

And I get orca at 120000m3 if you sacrifice tank landing at 175kEHP

I estimate 8000dps per 75m tornado lands a max haul risk of 1.64 Billion.

And at those volumes. Saves me 1 full riskier trip (doubles my efficiency and lowering risk)

Freighter seems attractive but it’s more likely to be followed and suicided?

Keep in mind you also become a 4x juicer target.

Freighters are more expensive, considerably slower and you WILL be ganked and lose your freighter and it’s cargo sooner rather than later.

Orca can carry quite a shload unless you have to have your stuff packaged in plastic wrap… and you have tank options, considerable defense and offense if needed.

Why would you be ganked if the isk value is below cost of tornadoes?

Just for the kill?

Yup, on slow days the gank squads have to beat bordom somehow. Check zkill, quite a few empty freighters on there.


And they let Orcas pass by usually?

Lol no, if you are worth ganking it doesn’t matter what you are in … hell if you are not worth ganking and you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time whatever you are in doesn’t matter.


I dont plan to be “worth” ganking. It just seems that you and others were saying theres the added risk of getting just murdered in a freighter.

More than an Orca…